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"I... I was vexed by your interruption," he said lamely, to explain his late choler. "Here is the thing. I found it here when I came. Messer Caro might discover better employment for his leisure. But there, there" he seemed in sudden haste again. "Take it to her in God's name. She will be impatient." I thought he sneered.

"I wouldn't do that, I think," said my conductor, kindly; "if I were you, I would go and read, or I would lie down if I felt tired; but I wouldn't do that." The patient considered a moment, and vacantly answered, "No, sir, I won't; I'll I'll go and read," and so he lamely shuffled away into one of the little rooms. I turned my head before we had gone many paces.

As far as I can trust my remembrance, I acquitted myself very lamely in this department; my recollection of such matters is almost wholly of failures, hardly ever of success. It is true the failures were often in things in which success, in so early a stage of my progress, was almost impossible.

"What makes you as pale as a ghost, my friend?" she asked. "It's late; I'm tired," he answered lamely and awkwardly. She turned a shrewd glance on me. I smiled composedly. "Ah, well, it's no affair of mine," she said. In turn we took farewell of her and of madame. But, as I was going out, she called me. "In a minute, Vohrenlorf," I cried, waving my hand toward the door. The rest passed out.

At last, after signing himself with the cross, he began. The subject was one of the psalms which had just been read a battle psalm, concerning Moab and Amalek, and the old border wars of Palestine. What would he make of that? He seemed to start lamely enough, in spite of the exquisite grace of his voice, and manner, and language, and the epigrammatic terseness of every sentence.

"Rosemary, can't you look after the children a little better, just till your aunt gets back?" asked the doctor wearily. "Where were you when they were letting the water run?" "I was out," said Rosemary lamely. "Just around," she added hastily, seeing a question forming on his lips. "Well you'll have to stay in to-morrow," he said decisively.

George instantly forgot his personal sorrows. "Oh, I say, Bill, you haven't, have you?" Bill, not expecting the interruption, confessed a little lamely: "No, I haven't. I haven't as it turns out. But I might have if it wasn't for " He paused a moment; sadly said, "Anyway, just as I thought I'd got her, I've lost Margaret again."

The accompaniment limped along lamely enough; but the singer, with hat over his eyes and lemon-juice on his nose, sang on as only a poet and lover can. His rich, full voice lingered on the soft Celtic syllables, dwelt tenderly on the diminutive endearments, while his heart, overcharged with sorrow and joy and romance and dreams, spilled over in an ecstasy of song.

A quick catch of the breath, a sudden movement of the hand that lay upon her breast, and then she smiled, a wavering, uncertain smile that went straight to his heart and shamed him for startling her. "I beg your pardon," he began lamely. "I I startled you." She held out her hand to him, still smiling.

He was troubled for something to say; the chambers of his brain seemed empty or reiterating foolish sounds. He pressed the hand the minister offered him and his lips quivered. Then a light came into his face, and he picked up his hat. "And I'll say this for myself," chuckled Dr Drummond. "It was no hard matter." Finlay looked at him and smiled. "It would not be, sir," he said lamely.

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