"I am sending the police photographer to the autopsy on Whitmore," he said. "Please don't cut the body or probe the wound until he has taken a picture of the bullet hole. It is most important. Also, let me have a copy of your report on the autopsy as soon as possible." Britz devoted the next hour to instructing his assistants in the work he required of them.

I am wishing he could take some views for us as we go on; but you have no apparatus with you, I suppose, Mr. Dare? 'I have not, sir, I am sorry to say, replied Dare respectfully. 'You could get some, I suppose? asked Paula of the interesting young photographer.

Only many months later I learned, by piecing together certain facts, that old Morley Tarrant was an expert photographer and maker of printer's "blocks."

The inventor placed it in a box easily carried by a man, including a battery, and mounted on an ordinary camera tripod so that the user might well be taken for a travelling photographer. It is good in one direction only, but I have a signalling-bell here that can be rung from the other end by Hertzian waves. Thank Heaven, it's compact and simple. "O'Connor," he went on, "it is as I told you.

And being thus reassured, Don Calixto kept uttering terrible absurdities. One day Don Calixto went to see the Pope, in evening clothes and with his abdomen covered with decorations, and he asked Caesar if a photographer couldn't take his picture in the act of leaving the carriage, so that the photograph would have Saint Peter's as a background. "Yes, I think so. Why not?

Then he went to a photographer, who made a new copy of Mlle. Levasseur's photograph. Don Luis had this touched up and faked it himself, so that the Prefect of Police should not perceive the substitution of one set of features for another. He dined at a restaurant and, at nine o'clock, joined Mazeroux on the Boulevard Suchet.

One of the best forms of still for the photographer to employ consists of a tin can or bottle in which the water is boiled, and to this a tin tube is adapted by means of a cork, one end of this tin tube terminating in a coil passing through a tub or other vessel of cold water.

The season at Saratoga was not yet over, the travellers were told at New York, though people were fast thronging back into "the city." Should they go on thither at once, or try to find the photographer nearer at hand? It was on a Friday that they landed, and they resolved to wait till Monday, Jock thinking that a rest would be better for his mother.

"Of course that is, I saw a reproduction of it which the photographer made on his own account. He suspected some crooked work, and he didn't like the man who gave him the order." "You mean the wood carver?" Coquenil shrugged his shoulders. "Call him a wood carver, call him what you like.

There is a large number of plates of detail which for architects' use are always the most valuable, and the work of the photographer and printer has been done unusually well. Catalogue of the Joint Exhibition of the Boston Society of Architects and the Boston Architectural Club, April 15 to 21, 1895. Boston: Published for the exhibition by Bates & Guild. 96 pp., 36 illustrations. 35 cents.