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A bit of worthless tallow may be saturated with a perfume which will make it worth its weight in gold. So our poor natures may be drenched with God and give Him forth fragrant and precious, and men may be drawn thereby. The witness of the life which is Godlike is the duty of Christian men and women in the world, and it is mainly what we are here for.

The letter completed, the man took up the tallow dip, and passed from the cramped, chilly room in which he had sat to a still more cold and contracted hallway. Tiptoeing up a stairway, he paused a moment to listen at a door, then entered. "I heard your voice, Brereton, so knew you were waking. Well, Billy, how does the patient?" "Pohly, massa, pohly.

"She was there all alone dead my little sister Anna!" answered the old man, covering his face with both hands, and crying till his sobs were carried away in the louder wail of the storm. "At first I could not believe it. A candle stood on the table with its wick bent double. It had swirled away at the sides till the tallow ran down upon the brass.

One of the peasants said: "Here is the palace; we will announce you." I glanced at Saveliitch; he was making signs of the cross, and praying. We waited a long time. At last the peasant re-appeared and said: "The Czar orders the officers to his presence." The palace, as the peasant called it, was lighted by two tallow candles. The walls were hung with gold paper.

Then as I stood, my every nerve pitched to the highest tension, faint with the joy and splendour of my thought, without, in the dark passage, a man groaned. I seized the tallow dip and sprang to the door. The cat passed me like a demon, and the tallow dip went out, but my long knife flew swifter than she, and I heard her screech, and I knew that my knife had found her.

Some of the old palms and olive trees are still growing there. San Juan Capistrano, founded in 1776, was one of the best-known Missions, for it had a seaport of its own at San Juan. Vessels came to its port for the hides and tallow of thousands of cattle herded round the Mission. The first fine church of this Mission was destroyed by an earthquake, and many people were killed by its falling roof.

By the light of a single tallow candle which flared aloft on a shelf in Peckaby's shop, consecrated in more prosperous days to wares, but bare now, a large collected assemblage was regarding each other with looks of eager interest. There could not have been less than thirty present, all crammed together in that little space of a few feet square.

He felt all at once so supple that he was hot tallow which those small fingers would mold and bend to suit themselves. "Sit down here!" she commanded. Meekly he obeyed. He sat on the edge of his chair, with his hat held with both hands, and his eyes widened as he stared at her like a person coming out of a great darkness into a great light. And tears came into the eyes of the girl.

One young woman, exceptionally good looking, ran to a brook upon our approach, and quickly washed off the unsightly pitch, deer tallow and charcoal, that she might appear in all her native charms. Until we rounded Cape St. James, the extreme southern portion of the islands, we encountered but little disagreeably rough sea.

A lighted tallow candle stood on the floor of the cellar, and near it a cup of water, in which was a spoon and some bread soaking. "Mother Hewitt!" called a voice from the cellar door that opened on the street. "Here, take the baby!"

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