After marriage a new order of life is entered upon by the wife, and her family matters should subordinate all other schemes and projects of her future existence. Her main thought and study should now be, "How can I best fulfil these new duties and responsibilities? First, my dear husband! how can I be a true help-meet to him? Here we two are to be one, a new punctum saliens, and every act of ours will bear the image of our united lives. No matter what may happen, I will be true to my matrimonial vow and to my God; for I am in His hands and my dear husband's." A married life begun in this way, with such resolutions sincerely and studiously kept, will secure a life full of happiness and privileges beyond the fondest hope and expectation. When pregnancy occurs, just as soon as the fact be suspected, the little embryo should be regarded as already a member of the family. Every act of each parent should now be performed in some degree with reference to the forth-coming infant. The mother's thoughts particularly should be directed to it as much as possible whilst performing the uses of life. She should read much that is elevating and ennobling in character as this serves a good purpose in producing a more perfect, more healthy and more brilliant child. Let her read such books as "Elements of Character" by Miss Chandler; "Growth of the Mind" by S. Reed; "Sex in Education" by E.

William D. Howells, who during his recent residence in Boston gave much of his valuable time as a visitor for the Associated Charities, was amused one day to be told, on knocking at the door of a house where he had studiously endeavored to inspire a sense of cleanliness, that he could not come in, as the floor had just been washed and he might soil it again."

This is one of Bunyan's keen, shrewd, home thrusts. Clothes professedly made to hide what they studiously display!! Ed. Possessed me with, or has given me possession of. Ed. Man's sinfulness, by nature and practice, justly, but awfully described. Mason. See Proverbs 30:20, and Pilgrim's Progress. There is also a very striking allusion to the subject of this emblem, in Bunyan's Light in Darkness.

The term "natural" will apply neither to those fortunate ones whose lives are studiously prolonged, nor of course to the majority whose career is wilfully, negligently, or accidentally shortened. But that, under ordinary circumstances, the stones gradually sink out of sight, and at a certain rate of progression, is beyond a doubt.

"Oh! no; go occasionally once or twice a week but certainly not every day, as formerly. And, Edna, be careful not to mention that woman's name again; I dislike her exceedingly." The orphan longed to ask for an explanation, but was too proud to solicit confidence so studiously withheld. Mrs. Murray leaned back in her large rocking-chair and fell into a reverie.

Indeed, it might almost be said that as a general rule railways in Russia, like camel-drivers in certain Eastern countries, studiously avoid the towns. This seems at first a strange fact.

Herrick, and that makes a difference." "Who told you I was not married?" His tone was studiously quiet, yet the girl looked at him quickly, wonderingly. "I don't think anyone told me but I thought you weren't." She hesitated, then went on hurriedly. "I used to think that was why you were so so sad.

The highest scholastic training demands that the professor studiously avoid all those methods of instruction which tend to mechanical habits of thought, and which check the mind's spontaneity of growth and repress the individuality so essential to true scholarship. Incidental to intellectual culture in college is the ability to find promptly the information we want.

Crosby," she said, and his arm slowly and regretfully came to parade rest. "Are you sure you won't get dizzy?" he demanded in deep solicitude. "I'll not look down," she said, smiling into his eyes. He lost the power of speech for a moment. "May I look at those figures now?" For the next ten minutes she studiously followed him as he explained the contents of the various papers.

They fill their rude throats with hurrah songs that paint false patriotism in glowing colours, making loyalty no matter to whatsoever despot the greatest of virtues, and revolution the greatest of crimes; they studiously divide their subjects into several creeds, and then, playing upon the worst of all passions the passion of religious bigotry easily prevent their misguided helots from uniting upon any point which would give them a real reform.