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Now, I don't know if you took note of it, but that's a remarkable looking woman; a remarkably handsome woman; and I've spent these years here without guessing that such a woman existed hereabouts. Eh?" Mr. Rogers relapsed into mild facetiousness. "If you were a younger man, Commandant, I could hatch up a pretty story out of to-night's doings and if I didn't mind a laugh against myself."

While the young man was gone he relapsed into thought. Maud waited patiently. "You see," resumed the manager abruptly, "I am making more money for the Continental than I get paid for. That is because I know how. It is not good business to cut down the profits; therefore I should be paid a bigger salary. Miss Stanton, you're a friend of young Jones, who controls this company.

He knew that, when anyone Ellen Ranger loved was ill, she would permit no help in the nursing, neither by day nor by night. He relapsed into his brooding over the problem which was his sad companion each conscious moment, now that the warning "Put your house in order" had been so sternly emphasized. The day Dr. Schulze let them bring him down to the first floor, Mrs. Hastings "Mrs.

Perhaps if we work together we can obtain information that will be of great service to the settlements." "Perhaps," said Henry, and then he relapsed into silence. Holdsworth remained silent too and gazed into the fire, but Henry saw that his thoughts were elsewhere. A long time passed and no one spoke. The fire had certainly added much to the warmth and comfort of the old house.

The element of reproach must be wholly absent: I don't mean the element of criticism that can be impersonal but the feeling 'you ought not to behave like this to me." Father Payne relapsed into silence. "But," I said, "surely the people who make claims for affection are very often most beloved, even when they are unjust, inconsiderate, ill-tempered?"

Gay know that I was to attend his church?" Alice flushed. "Quincy mentioned it at the breakfast table." "Was he informed of my opinions on religious matters?" "They were not mentioned before him." "Another coincidence" and Uncle Ike relapsed into silence. As they were nearing the Maxwell house, Alice asked, "Uncle Ike, are you willing to have Mr. Gay call upon you?"

It's getting to be better to lose a battle than to win it, for then you don't have to fight for a year or two to find out who won it." Sam entered a feeble protest against Cleary's criticisms, and the two relapsed into silence. "Who did win that naval victory anyhow?" said Sam at last. "That's just what I'd like to know," responded Cleary.

'Talking about science, said Grinder, as the holy man relapsed into silence and started on another biscuit and a fresh cup of tea. 'Talking about science reminds me of a conversation I 'ad with Dr Weakling the other day. You know, he believes we're all descended from monkeys. Everyone laughed; the thing was so absurd: the idea of placing intellectual beings on a level with animals!

Floretta dressed her hair like Ellen's, and tied her neck-ribbons the same way; she held her head like her, she talked like her, except when the two girls were absolutely alone; then she sometimes relapsed suddenly, to Ellen's bewilderment, into her own ways, and her blue eyes took on an expression as near animosity as her ingratiating politic nature could admit.

In the ninth year of his reign, having proved treacherous to Shalmanezer, the king of Assyria besieged Samaria, and carried him captive to his own capital. Thus ended the kingdom of the ten tribes, who were now carried into captivity beyond the Euphrates, and who settled in the eastern provinces of Assyria, and probably relapsed hopelessly into idolatry, without ever revisiting their native laud.

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