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France's practically untouched wilderness was now to supplement the succor of French ships and arms and sympathy in the firm founding of the new nation.

For, in these unions of hearts, call them marriage, or whatever else, we take each other for better for worse. Availing ourselves of our friend's intimate affection, we pledge our own, as to be relied upon in every emergency. And what sadder, more desperate emergency could there be, than had befallen Miriam? Who more need the tender succor of the innocent, than wretches stained with guilt!

Prouty's attitude was one of halfhearted expectancy like a shipwrecked sailor knowing himself outside the line of travel, yet unable to resist watching the horizon for succor. The Boosters Club still went on boosting, but its schemes for self-advertisement resembled a defective pin-wheel, which, after the first whiz, lacks the motive powers to turn further.

I insist on taking care of that stuff, for my own protection, just so long as you stay with this show." David looked helplessly to Joey Noakes for succor. "I'll talk that over with 'im, too, Brad," announced the clown briefly. "And let me add something else," resumed Braddock, with an unnecessary oath. "I'm not going to have you hangin' around my wife and daughter if you do stay with us.

The white race was accompanied by the gallantry of the black as they swept over entrenched lines and later volunteered to succor the sick, nurse the dying and bury the dead in the hospitals and the Cuban camps." "This was grandly spoken, and we feel gratified at this recognition of the valor of one of the best races of people the world has ever seen."

"This will be easy, colonel, unless he calls one of Blue Beard's comforters to his succor." "Be easy about that; for with your assistance I can place my hand on him and then though he were surrounded by a hundred men armed to the teeth he is mine; I have a sure means of obliging him to obey me; this concerns me.

The hound, crouched for a deadly spring, was fascinated by this spectacle of the utter absence of emotion. His huge chest heaved like a billow with his labored respiration, but the regular breathing of the being that awed him was like that of a sleeping child. For full five minutes but it seemed an age this silent but terrible duel was being fought, and yet no succor came.

I could fear, I could shrink with horror, but I could not act; nor did I move till the increasing pain of my wound drove me, as it might any unintelligent creature, to scramble to my feet and seek, half-blindly, for some place that should afford shelter and succor.

"Draw, men, and follow!" shouted the desperate Neapolitan, preparing to leap into the midst of his enemies. "You draw against St. Mark!" cried a warning voice from beneath the canopy. "The chances are unequal, Signore; for the smallest signal would bring twenty galleys to our succor."

It was easy to picture to one's self the last gloomy hours of those hapless exiles, stricken down by the fell scourge in the pride of their strength, and perhaps at the full tide of their prosperity, with none to succor, and with no hope from the first but that they must perish. Nor was this quite all.

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