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The banns yes, he had the book of banns; he had also the register of marriages from which he sometimes issued certified extracts. He was a good old man, and seemed ready to oblige me; but his memory was very defective. He allowed me to take notary's copies of the banns and the entry in the list, as well as of the register. Then I went to the office of the Stato Civile.

As soon as we were certified that he was gone, we began to talk with one another, weeping and bemoaning ourselves for the risk we ran, and saying, "Would Heaven we had been drowned in the sea or that the apes had eaten us! That were better than to be roasted over the coals; by Allah, this is a vile, foul death!

Bines, the Street's never known anything like it. Here are those matters." He handed the old man a dozen or so certified checks on as many different banks. Each check had many figures on it. Uncle Peter placed them in his old leather wallet. "I knew he'd plunge," he said, taking the chair proffered him, near Shepler's desk.

Every inquiry has been made on your behalf, and I have here the certified copy of the register as it stands, declaring you to be a foundling.

"Pray, how?" "What time did Matt Peasley leave this office after the battle yesterday?" "I should say in the neighborhood of half after three." "Hum! Ahem! Harump-h-h! The banks close at three, and they do not reopen for business until ten this morning. It is now exactly a quarter of nine. Has Matt Peasley had time to procure a certified check since he arrived from Panama or has he not?"

"There isn't time now to go into the thing more deeply, but if it becomes necessary I can go back to it with the aid of the camera lucida and the microscopic enlarger, as well as this specially constructed document camera with lenses certified by the government.

"I protested to Mr. Ricks against this action. I assure you I would not have taken such a course myself under the circumstances." "Cappy wants cash or a certified check," Matt complained, "and he's made it impossible for me to go to my bank and get either to-day. What am I going to do?" "I'm afraid you're going to lose the Tillicum and her cargo.

On many occasions I observed that he was very cautious in all his proceedings; that he took nothing for granted, and was only convinced of a fact when properly certified by ocular demonstration.

I have received a document, signed by two citizens of a neighboring town, certified by the postmaster and a selectman, and these again corroborated, reinforced, and sworn to by a member of that extraordinary college- class to which it is the good fortune of my friend the Professor to belong, who, though he has FORMERLY been a member of Congress, is, I believe, fully worthy of confidence.

He was certified by no less a person than Sheridan to be 'the best amateur actor in the kingdom. Lawrence had greatly distinguished himself in that respect at a theatrical fête given by the Marquis of Abercorn in 1803. 'Shall I give you an account of it? writes the painter to his sister.