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The men are always slipping notes in my hand when they give me their checks. Then the boss, he's always bothering around." "But you don't have to work hard?" "From nine till four. We get our lunch free. I pay three dollars on the room and Nellie pays one."

At the lattice appeared a lovely being; for this potato had been pared, and on the white surface were painted pretty pink checks, red lips, black eyes, and oblique brows; through the tuft of dark silk on the head were stuck several glittering pins, and a pink jacket shrouded the plump figure of this capital little Chinese lady.

A government directly by the people is of course in practice a government by a shifting and often narrow majority of the people. It is not yet demonstrated by experience or reason that such a government, unlimited, would be as regardful of individual rights or welfare as a republican form of government with its checks and balances and constitutional restrictions.

He welcomed the prospect of four passengers with a glad smile and swung Aunt Trudy's bags to a safe place under the seat at a nod from Rosemary. While they climbed in, he departed with the trunk checks and returned in a few minutes to report that the three trunks would be in the front hall of the Willis home within an hour.

"There is a little village up there pool room, soft-drink parlor, lunch room, store, and all that and the men, or a large number of them, would want their checks cashed to make purchases and for spending money, and the cash would have to be transported so the business places could cash the checks. Then, there's another reason.

I daresay if we investigated the house carefully we should find that there was some means of communication between the two; at least, that is the only explanation I can think of." "You've got it," Gurdon cried. "I'll wager any money, you are right. But I am sorry the man has vanished in this mysterious way, because it checks our investigations at the very outset.

Southern natures were so impetuous that some checks upon the practice of this chivalric love seemed to be imperative, as thinking people felt that love should not go unbridled. Justin H. Smith, who has written so entertainingly of the Troubadours at Home, says that it was their expedient to make love a "science and an art.

BURGE-LUBIN. Gracious heavens! Four million relatives! Is that calculation correct, Confucius? CONFUCIUS. In China it might be forty millions if there were no checks on population. BURGE-LUBIN. This is a staggerer. Let us keep sane. THE ARCHBISHOP. No. Nothing of the kind.

This is why the system which theoretically tends toward a high degree of complexity has not in practice resulted in any very complex constitutional arrangements. Poland is the best example of the practical working of a system of checks carried to an absurd extreme.

You will then carefully examine the check, see that it is correctly drawn for the amount actually payable for bonds or coupons received and properly recorded, and you will, when found correct, place your check mark on the right hand upper corner before the same is signed by me. All checks will be signed by me with my full name as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, as this is signed.