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Captain Jenkins led the first squadron, his eyes literally dancing with joyous excitement. I started in the rear of the regiment, the position in which the colonel should theoretically stay. Captain Mills and Captain McCormick were both with me as aides; but I speedily had to send them off on special duty in getting the different bodies of men forward.

It was one thing to advocate theoretically the claims of women to representation it was another to introduce the subject into the House of Commons, to promote an active political organization in its favor, and thus to convert it, from a philosophical dream, into a question of pressing and practical importance.

Let us now study the psychology of this creative activity, reducing it to these two questions: How are myths formed? What line does their evolution follow? The psychology of the origin of the myth, of the work that causes its rise, may theoretically, and for the sake of facilitating analysis, be regarded as two principal moments that of creation proper, and that of romantic invention. a.

Theoretically, the populus was the real sovereign by whom power was delegated; but, for several centuries, the populus meant the patricians, who alone could take part in the assemblies. The preponderating influence was exercised by the Senate. The judicial, the legislative, and the executive authority were as clearly defined as in our times.

But soon, say about next Tuesday, if you could begin to smile a little, and though I know it will be hard, smile a little wider and wider each day " "Till the top of my head comes off?" said Marjorie, smiling already. "Yes; theoretically. But make up your mind that since Gladys must go, you're not going to let the fact turn you into a sad, dolorous mope instead of Mops."

From that moment Israel was possessed of a clear theory of life in religion and morality, and of a definite aim pursued with conscious intent. Its originators designed that this Israelitish conception of life should serve not merely theoretically, as the basis of religious doctrine, but also practically, as the starting point of legislation.

For my own part, I have finally found myself compelled to give up the logic, fairly, squarely, and irrevocably. It has an imperishable use in human life, but that use is not to make us theoretically acquainted with the essential nature of reality just what it is I can perhaps suggest to you a little later.

All such officers are officially charged with the duty of looking after the general welfare of the game and other wild life of their respective states. Theoretically one of the chief duties of a State Game Commission is to initiate new legislative bills that are necessary, and advocate their translation into law.

Brookes had in a certain measure approved of Willy's action in forbidding young Stracey the Manor House, and therefore of his, Frank Escott's, suit, but neither of these gains compensated him for the crowning loss of not being able to see his beloved, for although the Manor House was still theoretically open to him, practically it was closed.

Theoretically, the rector was at the call of any of his parishioners at all moments; but in practice the people of Farlingford never sought his help. "A gentleman," said Marvin, vaguely; "well, let him come in, Sarah." Miriam and Barebone sat silently looking at the door. But the man who appeared there was not Dormer Colville. It was John Turner.