The local treatment consists in the application of antiseptic lotions or powders to the eye. Equal parts of boric acid and calomel, dusted into the eye twice daily with a powder blower, is a very effective treatment. Name the different structures that form the shell of the eye; name and describe the different media of the eye. Give the general method of examining the eyes of horses.

Blower up from the fire opposite the bar, and stewpans and griddles empty and idle on the bench beside it, among the unwashed bowls and dishes. Oyster trade nearly over. Bar still busy. Here comes Rollins in his shirt-sleeves, with an apron on.

I've run my pen over a good many sheets, and it has been a kind of relief I began writing this about three weeks ago. Harry the Blower that's the mailman comes only once a month now, and not on time at that. I suppose the drought will break sooner or later, and when it breaks, the Bank is certain to send up and take possession of what's left. So I'm a ruined man, any way.

The molten glass is blown to the approximate size and then a boy shuts it inside the mould and the blower blows into it until it has entirely filled out the mould in which it is confined. When released it is shaped to the form required." "But doesn't it stick to the mould?" "Seldom. The moulds are painted over on the inside with a preparation which prevents the glass from sticking."

And he rubbed a shin from which some skin had been scraped that afternoon. "I knew it would be a hard hunt," answered our hero. "And why not? If it was an easy matter to locate that lost mine, Abe Blower or some of those old prospectors would have done it long ago.

The residue, left in the heel of the blower after each blowing process, was commercial "dust," ready for the bank or the assay office. Doctor Slayforth, with his glasses on the end of his nose, presided at the gold scales, while Denny Slevin looked on. As the dust was weighed, a few ounces at a time, it was dumped into a moose-skin sack and entered upon the books.

His hands were shaky, however, and when he untied the thongs he was mortified at spilling some of the precious yellow particles. Mortification changed to anger when the owner cried, sharply: "Hey! Got cashier's ague, have you? Just cut out the sleight-of- hand!" Pierce smothered a retort; silently he brushed the dust back into the blower and set the weights upon his scales.

They saw the two old miners wave their hands in return, and Abe Blower discharged his pistol. "See, they are doing some kind of signalling!" cried Phil, a little later. All watched with interest. They saw that Abe Blower had taken up a long bit of brushwood and was waving it in a circle to the northwestward. "They want us to come around in that direction!" said Roger. "Don't you think so, Dave?"

The blower of whistles was stationed there to drive back into the covert any pheasants who were so misguided as to wish to roam thence into the fields and away. Now, that old reprobate of a pheasant of ours was a pretty confirmed runner, anyway. He had trained himself to it.

"I think we had better go back and tell the others of this," said Dave. "After this, it may pay us to keep an eye on that other crowd." "That's so," returned the senator's son. With care the three chums retraced their steps, and half an hour later found them with Tom Dillon and Abe Blower. The two old miners listened with close attention to the tale of their encounter with the other party.