I asked one of the sailors who had just taken a spell at the pump, if this were not a hurricane. "Hurricane!" said he, with a good-natured grin. "Nonsense! This is only a stiff breeze. 'Tis as different from a hurricane as a heaver is from a handspike. When you see a hurricane, my lad, you will know it, even if the name is not lettered on the starn."

"I don't see why we are to risk our lives for our paltry share of prize-money. I vote for hauling down the colours." "Not yet," said Newton, "not yet, my lads. Let us try a few shots more." "Try! to be sure," rejoined Roberts, "didn't I say before, that a starn chase was a long one."

Wal, wal, wal! strange too, how singoolarly calm an onterrified I feel in'ardly. Why, boys, I've seen the time when the sight of a approachin revenoo vessel would make me shiver an shake from stem to starn. But now how changed! Such, my friends, is the mootability of human life!" The boys looked at the steamer for a few moments, but at length went back to their fishing.

Heave off, put all steam on, and back out, starn fust, and then swing round into the stream. That's the ticket, Sam. It's done; but my elbow has took that lady that's two steps furder down on the stairs, jist in the eye, and knocked in her dead light. How she cries! how I apologize, don't I? And the more I beg pardon, the wus she carries on.

Soon a low murmur arose on the night air, then hoarse shouts, and there came thundering down the wharf an army of men and boys. "Pass her up, stranger!" they cried. "Here, give us your bow and starn painters, and jest step overboard yourself, and we'll hist her up."

Snakes I've seen afore now, and rats I'm not unfamiliar with, but when it comes to the starn of a ship risin' up out of the street, I reckon it's time to pass in my checks." "It is a ship, you blasted old soaker," said the Samaritan curtly. It was indeed a ship.

On he came, and when his snout was within six feet of us, we pulled sharp across him; and as we went from him, I gave him the harpoon deep into the fin. `Starn all! was the cry as usual, that we might be clear of him.

I noticed the name on his starn; but there warn't no name of a port where he hails from, for the simple reason that he hails from nowhere in particular. Besides, a man with half an eye could tell by looking at that craft that she's strong-handed. Depend on't, Harry, there's too many hammocks in her fo'c'stle for an honest trader.

She grounded from the south, with the tide making upp'ard, somewhere about three-quarter flow; and the Squire, and you, and all the rest of 'e, without no knowledge of the Pig whatsomever, fastens all your pulley-haulies by the starn, and says, 'now pull! And pull we did, to the tune of sixteen guineas a day for the good of Springhaven." "And you knew all the time that it was wrong!

Why, you're moored head and starn; and some ships don't keep even so much as an anchor watch all the time they're there. Don't tell me! A civil engineer's a man of eddication, boys; and that's where he goes to wind'ard of chaps like us. Look at the skipper, again. Any one of us could take him up and toss him over the rail, so far as hard work's concerned.