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On the other hand there is the case of Robert Franz whose songs never achieved real popularity during his lifetime, but which are frequently, almost invariably indeed, to be found on song recital programs today and which are more and more appreciated. The critics are praising him, the public likes him: they buy his songs.

Hallheimer looked after them and tried to recollect something. Had he not heard rightly, or had not the smith just now called his boy "Franz?" Had the old man been converted? Was he trying to wipe away the mark of shame from the poor fellow? The wagon with its creaking wheels rumbled comfortably along the road, into the strip of woodland and out again, toward Waltheim.

"There are no horses." Albert looked at Franz like a man who hears a reply he does not understand. "Do you understand that, my dear Franz no horses?" he said, "but can't we have post-horses?" "They have been all hired this fortnight, and there are none left but those absolutely requisite for posting." "What are we to say to this?" asked Franz.

"All right," responded Franz, springing up. "Do you put on the tablecloth and I will put on the dishes." "No, let us both spread the cloth, and both put on the dishes," returned Fritz, but Franz got a plate from the cupboard, and when Fritz attempted to take it out of his hands it fell to the floor and broke into many pieces. "Now see what you have done!" ejaculated Franz.

The Frenchman asked for a rendezvous; Teresa gave him one only, instead of Teresa, it was Beppo who was on the steps of the church of San Giacomo." "What!" exclaimed Franz, "the peasant girl who snatched his mocoletto from him" "Was a lad of fifteen," replied Peppino. "But it was no disgrace to your friend to have been deceived; Beppo has taken in plenty of others."

"At that moment Franz heard a noise in the nave of the chapel; he looked over the gallery of the organ loft, and saw sidling away in the darkness the dim figure of a deformed man. "That night Princess Kunigmunde had a strange dream.

"He might have caught cold and died," gasped Therese, in answer to her mother's remonstrance. What would the mother have said had she known that her daughter actually had run out into the street, and had been prevented from following Beethoven until she overtook him only by the butler's timely action! Therese's brother Franz was devoted to her. The boat upset.

The author of this history, who has resided five or six years in Italy, does not recollect to have ever seen a ceremony interrupted by one of those events so common in other countries. Albert was triumphant in his harlequin costume. A knot of rose-colored ribbons fell from his shoulder almost to the ground. In order that there might be no confusion, Franz wore his peasant's costume.

"We didn't tell Franz and Iggy about him," he remarked to Roger and Bob. "No. Go ahead with the story," said Bob. "Maybe they can throw some light on it." But Franz and Iggy though the latter did not say much could offer no explanation save that put forth by Jimmy and the two lads who had seen what he had seen that Captain Frank Dickerson was a German spy.

After breakfast Max and I were taken to the great hall, where we found Castleman standing before the ducal throne, speaking to Charles. The burgher turned toward us, and as we approached I heard him say: "My lord, these men are not spies." "Who are they?" demanded the duke. Castleman gave our names and told the story of our meeting at Basel, after we had escorted Merchant Franz from Cannstadt.

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