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With the sole exception of the skirmish between the Harrismith burghers and the Carabineers at Bester Station on the 18th of October, when Jonson, a burgher of Harrismith, was killed the earliest victim in our fight for freedom this was the first fighting the Free-Staters had seen. We occupied kopjes which formed a large semicircle to the west of the railway between Ladysmith and Dundee.

They are wrong coming from one of your degree to a burgher girl of Peronne, if she be an honest girl. Our stations are too far apart." "That is true, Fräulein," answered Max, sorrowfully, "but I mean no disrespect.

There was a stretch of asphalt just at the bottom of our camp that had been begun by an enterprising burgher as a tennis club before the war, though others did say it was really intended as a secret German gun emplacement. It did not matter much to us for which purpose it had been made, for, as it was near, we could play tennis and still be within call.

They speedily found that Sir Rudolph and his troop had departed; and further inquiry revealed the fact that the burgher guard at one of the gates had been overpowered and were prisoners in the watchroom. These could only say that they were suddenly seized, all being asleep save the one absolutely on guard.

He is a knight of good family, and looks like a plain burgher. His name is Wolf Hartschwert, and he is as gentle as a lamb and as pliant as a young willow. He appears like the meek, whom our Lord calls blessed, and yet he is one of the wisest of the wise, and, moreover, a master in his art.

Far off as they were when they first perceived him, they made him a deep obeisance, and 'Dear sir, they said, 'we are come to you for counsel; for we are told that by your great and good sense you will restore the country of Flanders to good case. So tell us how. "Then James van Artevelde came forward, and said: 'Sirs comrades, I am a native and burgher of this city, and here I have my means.

"Second, do not fail to come to my uncle's house when he invites you. His home is worthy to receive the grandest prince in the world. My my lord, Duke Philip the Good, was Uncle Castleman's dear friend. The old duke, when in Peronne, dined once a week with my uncle. Although uncle is a burgher, he could have been noble.

For I had sent many a burgher home to fetch a second horse; and the burghers began to make all sorts of guesses as to why they had to fetch the horses; and one could hear them mutter: "We are going to the Colony." But nevertheless they were all in good spirits, with the exception of some, who had for commander a most contradictory and obstinate officer.

A noble may become a merchant, or a man may be one year a burgher, the next year an artisan, and the third year a merchant, if he changes his occupation and pays the necessary dues. But the categories form, for the time being, distinct corporations, each possessing a peculiar organisation and peculiar privileges and obligations.

My husband, Karl Van Verner, may not be unknown to you, as he is a wealthy and highly honoured burgher of Antwerp. My maiden name was Bertram, and my family, as well as that of my husband, have long been attached to the Protestant faith.