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I coom back to thot. Yo think I'm joost a roough man thot caann't understand yo. But I do. I couldn't bae roough with yo, Ally, anny more than Nad, oop yon, could bae roough wi' t' lil laambs." He was lying flat on his back now, with his arms stretched out above his head. He stared up at the rafters as he went on. "Yo wouldn't bae freetened o' mae ef yo looved mae as I loove yo."

Naw woonder Assy Gaale wouldn't 'ave yo, for all yo've laft her wi' t' lil baaby." "Who toald yo she wouldn't 'ave mae?" "Naybody toald mae. But I knaw. I knaw. I wouldn't 'ave yo myself ef yo aassked mae. I want naw droonkards to marry mae." Greatorex became pensive. "Yo'd bae freetened o' mae, Maaggie?" he asked. And Maggie, seeing her advantage, drove it home.

Jim's hand pressed hers and let it go. He leaned forward, his elbows propped on his knees, his hands clutching his forehead. And in his thick, mournful voice he spoke. "Yo wouldn't bae freetened ef yo married mae. There'd bae an and of these scares, an' wae sudn't 'ave t' roon these awful risks." "I can't marry you, darling. I can't." "Yo caann't, because yo're freetened o' mae.

The wild circling moor seemed suddenly to have gained a mysterious interest. 'Didn't I tell yo he wor gone silly? said Louie, triumphantly, at his elbow. 'He's not gone that silly, onyways, but he can freeten little gells, remarked David, dryly, instinctively putting out an arm, meanwhile, to prevent her disturbing the poor sleeper. 'I worn't freetened, insisted Louie; 'yo were!

"That neet there was a storm at Cohen-eead the likes o' which had niver bin seen theer afore. There was thunner an' leetnin', and a gert sough o' wind that com yowlin' across t' moor an' freetened iverybody wellnigh out o' their five senses. Fowks wakkened up an' said 'twere Judgment Day, an' T' Man Aboon had coom to separate t' sheep frae t' goats.

"Mich the same as us'al, thank ye," replied Miss Hep. with a starched air. "Get out o' the road, Alice," addressing an adventurous pullet. "Thou'rt allus runnin' under a body's feet. Chuck! chuck! chuck! Coom G'arge, coom Adylaide, coom Maud! Now then, Alexandra! Chuck! chuck! coom lovies! That theer vicious Frederick has been a-chivying of you till you're freetened to death, you are."

The young man's right arm threw him off; his left arm remained round Alice. "It's yo' s'all nat tooch her, Mr. Cartaret," he said. "Ef yo' coom between her an' mae I s'all 'ave t' kill yo'. I'd think nowt of it. Dawn't yo' bae freetened, my laass," he murmured tenderly. The next instant he was fierce again. "An' look yo' 'ere, Mr. Cartaret. It was yo' who aassked mae t' marry Assy.

He med tall ye 'oo was with yo laasst Soonda oop t' feald in t' girt byre." "Naddy couldn't sae 'oo 't was. Med a been Assy. Med a been yo." "'T wasn' mae, Mr. Greatorex, an' 't was n' Assy. Look yo 'ere. I tall yo Assy's freetened o' yo." "'Oo says she's freetened?" "I saays it. She's thot freetened thot she'd wash yore sweet'eart's dirty cleathes sooner 'n marry yo." "She doesn't wash them?"

"There's more than mae and Assy thot's freetened t' marry yo," she said. He darkened. "Yo 'oald yore tongue. Yo dawn't knaw what yo're saayin', my laass." "Dawn't I? There's more than mae thot knaws, Mr. Greatorex. Assy isn't t' awnly woon yo've maade talk o' t' plaace." "What do yo mane? Speaak oop. What d'yo mane Yo knaw?" "Yo'd best aassk Naddy.

His flush deepened. "I daarss'nt," he whispered hoarsely. "Poor laad, 'e 's freetened o' t' body," she explained. "Yo stay there, Wullie. I'll goa. T' body's nowt to me. I've seen too many o' they," she muttered as she went. They heard her crying excitedly overhead. "Jimmy! Yo coom to t' ma-are! Yo coom to t' ma-are!" The sounds in the room ceased instantly.

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