Naw woonder Assy Gaale wouldn't 'ave yo, for all yo've laft her wi' t' lil baaby." "Who toald yo she wouldn't 'ave mae?" "Naybody toald mae. But I knaw. I knaw. I wouldn't 'ave yo myself ef yo aassked mae. I want naw droonkards to marry mae." Greatorex became pensive. "Yo'd bae freetened o' mae, Maaggie?" he asked. And Maggie, seeing her advantage, drove it home.

It is woonder to see the conueyance of the water to the Ingenios by Mines through the mountaines. In the mid way betweene Tenerif and the Iland of Madera standeth a litle solitarie Iland called the Saluages, which may bee about one league in compasse, which hath neither tree nor fruit, but is onely food for Goates. Printed at London: BY IHON KINGSTONE, AND HENRY SUTTON.

Polydor. About the same time it rained bloud in the Ile of Wight, by the space of two daies togither, so that linen clothes that hoong on the hedges were coloured therewith: which vnvsed woonder caused the people, as the manner is, to suspect some euill of the said Johns gouernement.

Bates led the way, stooping under the doorplaces, into his small sitting-room, and, shaking the patchwork cushion in his arm-chair, moved it to within a good roasting distance of the blazing fire. 'Eh, but yer shoes are faine an' wet, an' ye must put up yer faet on the fender. Rare big faet, baint 'em? aboot the saize of a good big spoon. I woonder ye can mek a shift to stan' on 'em.

And the Moores which saw it tooke it to be a maruellous thing, and presented him vnto the king of that countrey for a woonder, and that king also sent him and his companions for a miracle vnto the king of Castile. In the yeere 1395.

And thus hauing, through God's assistance, discoursed somewhat at large of Grasses, Herbes, Shrubs, Trees, Mosses, and certaine excrescences of the earth, with other things moe incident to the Historic thereof, we conclude and end our present volume, with this woonder of England. For which God's name be euer honored and praised."

She tripped off, calling Rupert, while the good gardener, his hands thrust deep in his pockets, stood looking after her and shaking his head with rather a melancholy air. 'She gets moor nesh and dillicat than iver, he said, half to himself and half to Hester. 'I shouldn't woonder if she fades away laike them cyclamens as I transplanted.

The English shippe was very faire and great, which I was sorry to see so ill occupied, for she went rouing about, so that we saw her againe at the Canarian Iles, vnto the which we came the thirteenth of the sayd moneth, and good leisure we had to woonder at the high mountaine of the Iland Tenerif, for we wandred betweene that and great Canaria foure dayes by reason of contrary windes: and briefly, such euill weather we had vntill the foureteenth of May, that they despaired, to compasse the Cape of Good hope that yeere.

The roiall and most rich iewels which he & his wife quéene Emma gaue vnto the church of Winchester, might make the beholders to woonder at such their exceeding and bountifull munificence.

'Mutinous, obstinate dog! cried the captain. 'What ails you then? Why have you a face like an underwriter in a tempest? 'If it plaize you, zur, the prisoner answered, 'Oi do but think o' m' ould mother at Wellington, and woonder who will kape her now that Oi'm gone! 'And what is that to me? shouted the brutal seaman.