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An' yo've naw 'scuse for disgracin' yoresel. Yo was brought oop ralegious an' respactable. Did yo aver 'ear saw mooch aa a bad woord?" "It's doon, Moother, it's doon. There's naw good taalkin'." "Eh! Yo saay it's doon, it's doon, an' yo think nowt o' 't. An' nowt yo think o' t' trooble yo're brengin' on mae. I sooppawse yo'll be tallin' mae naxt yo looved 'im! Yo looved'im!"

I coom back to thot. Yo think I'm joost a roough man thot caann't understand yo. But I do. I couldn't bae roough with yo, Ally, anny more than Nad, oop yon, could bae roough wi' t' lil laambs." He was lying flat on his back now, with his arms stretched out above his head. He stared up at the rafters as he went on. "Yo wouldn't bae freetened o' mae ef yo looved mae as I loove yo."

"'And with the morn tho-ose angel fa-a-ce-es smile Which I-i a-ave looved long since and lo-ost awhi-ile." Again Rowcliffe turned; but not before he had seen that Greatorex had his hand on Alice's shoulder a second time, and that Alice's hand had gone up and found it there. The latch of the west door jerked under Rowcliffe's hand with a loud clashing.

Ef yo mun get into trooble yo medda chawsen battern Jim. What for did I tak' yo from t' Farm an' put yo into t' Vicarage ef 't wasn't t' get yo out o' Jimmy's road? 'E'll naver maarry yo. Nat 'e! Did 'e saay as 'e'd maarry yo? Naw, I warrant yo did na waat fer thot. Yo was mad t' roon affter 'im afore 'e called yo. Yo dirty cat!" That last taunt drew blood. Essy spoke up. "Naw, naw. 'E looved mae.

Thot daay whan yo sot there in thot chair by t' fire, taalkin' t' mae and drinkin' yore tae so pretty." She drew closer to him. "Did you really love me then?" "Ay I looved yo than." She pondered it. "Jim what would you have done if I hadn't loved you?" He choked back something in his throat before he answered her. "What sud I have doon? I sud have goan on looving yo joost the saame.

It's nothing to me now. How did you know I cared for him?" "I knew because I looved yo. Because I was always thinkin' of yo. Because I watched yo with him." "Oh Jim would other people know?" "Naw. Nat they. They didn't look at yo the saame as I did." He became thoughtful. "Wall this here sattles it," he said presently. "Yo caann't be laft all aloan in t' Vicarage. Yo'll 'ave t' marry mae."