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It'd sarve yo right ef Daaisy 'd lat yo coom hoam oopside down wi yore 'ead draggin' in t' road. Soom daay yo'll bae laayin' there with yore nack brawken. "Ay, yo may well scootle oonder t' sheets, though there's nawbody but mae t' look at yo. Yo'd navver tooch anoother drap o' thot felthy stoof, Jimmy, ef yo could sea yoreself what a sight yo bae.

"Is thot truth, Essy?" "It's Gawd's truth." He put out his hand and caressed the child's downy head as if it was the head of some young animal. "I wish I could do more fer 'im, Essy. I will, maaybe, soom daay." "I wouldn' lat yo'. I wouldn' tooch yo're mooney now ef I could goa out t' wark an' look affter 'im too. I wouldn' tooch a panny of it, I wouldn'." "Dawn' yo' saay thot, Essy.

"I wouldn', look yo, nat ef I wuss yo, Miss Olice. I wouldn' gaw to 'im in t' mistal all amoong t' doong. Yo'll sha-ame 'im, and yo'll do nowt wi' Jimmy ef 'e's sha-amed." "Leave it, Ally. We can come another day," said Gwenda. "Thot's it," said Mrs. Gale. "Coom another daay." And as they turned away Jim's voice thundered after them from his stronghold in the mistal.

You had to stoop to hear the cheeping that came out of Dan's shoulder. "Aw, dinny, dinny dy-Doomplin', Dy-Doomplin', dy-Doomplin', Dinny, dinny dy-Doomplin', Dy-Doomplin' daay." "Ef tha'll seng for Mester Dan," Farmer Alderson said, "tha'llt seng for tha faather, wuntha, Doomplin'?" "Naw." "For Graffer then?" "Naw." Dumpling put her head on one side, butting under Dan's chin like a cat.

The crowd, of course, first cheer, and then chaff as usual, as he picks up his hat and begins handling the sticks to see which will suit him. "Wooy, Willum Smith, thee canst plaay wi' he arra daay," says his companion to the blacksmith's apprentice, a stout young fellow of nineteen or twenty.

Thot daay whan yo sot there in thot chair by t' fire, taalkin' t' mae and drinkin' yore tae so pretty." She drew closer to him. "Did you really love me then?" "Ay I looved yo than." She pondered it. "Jim what would you have done if I hadn't loved you?" He choked back something in his throat before he answered her. "What sud I have doon? I sud have goan on looving yo joost the saame.

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