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In other words, the motion is one of translation, and the radius of curvature at P is infinite. To find the center of curvature at D, assume the crank pin A to have a velocity Aa.

Ekaterina Pavlovna came out on the terrace, looking drowsy and carrying a fan. "Oh, mother," said Genya, kissing her hand, "it's not good for you to sleep in the day." They adored each other. When one went into the garden, the other would stand on the terrace, and, looking towards the trees, call "Aa oo, Genya!" or "Mother, where are you?"

AA fire was credited with the downing of 16 planes in the major raids, other "kills" being credited to the RAF. Going into the city after a heavy raid was a rather sickening experience, smouldering ruins and desolation and the knowledge of untold deaths and misery. Around this period Bristol became the HQ of the 8th AA Divisional Signals and Plymouth became the No2 Company.

"Scraambing," or "scraambed," with a long accent on the aa, indicates the action of stetching and pulling downwards. Though somewhat similar in sound, it has no affinity with scramble; people scramble for things which have been thrown on the ground. In getting through hedges the thorns are apt to "limm" one's clothes, tearing a jagged hole in the coat.

The boards of this are attached to a frame which fits closely inside the tops of the sides, back, and front. The ends are notched for the stays AA, and the frame then tacked firmly, by driving nails into the sides, etc., below it, in the position which it will occupy when the roof is on, except that it projects upwards a little. Cut off twenty-five boards 3 feet 7 inches long.

But aa nivvor tyek leet refreshment. Ma drink is brandy or whisky neat," said Captain Gaze, his face beaming with good-nature. They proceeded to a restaurant, and when they got nicely settled down with their drinks and smokes, the skipper remarked "Aa wonder what Jimmie waad say if he could see Mark Gaze sittin' in a hotel hevvin' his whisky and smokin' a cigar?" "I should think," said Mr.

They fall on the conductor and the second trombone. They fall like the gentle dew from Heaven upon the place beneath. That cat! Those eggs! "AA! At last the stage-manager keen, alert, resourceful saves the situation. This man. This stage-manager. This man with the big brain. Slowly, inevitably, the fireproof curtain falls. It is half-way down. It is down. Before it, the audience. The audience.

"Aa hal i aa iaa Cheerily, men!" were delivered in a scornful shout. "You'll have a chance of cooling yourselves presently, my lads," said Salvé, coming up at the moment from his own heavy work with the cross-jack; "when we weather the point, all the lee-sails have to be set" and the remark had the effect which he desired of intensifying the prevailing irritation.

Accius, like so many Romans, was a grammarian; he introduced certain changes into the received spelling, e.g. he wrote aa, ee, etc. when the vowel was long, reserving the single a, e, etc. for the short quantity. It was in acknowledgment of the interest taken by him in these studies that Varro dedicated to him one of his many philological treatises.

'Appen there's summat in th' uniform. When a lad's got sodger's clothes on, I reckon as aa' it makes him feel cocky. But it's a pity he's still such a fool as to keep on wi' Polly Powell. I wrote him a letter a while sin' telling him as aa' Polly wur walking out wi' other lads, but she still boasts as aa' Tom's faithful to her, and that she's got him under her thumb."