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"No'm; but I'll know it's there jes' the same." "All right; here goes, then," and soon Patty had the rest of the gaudy lithographs tacked into their designated places. "Now, Mancy," she said, as she jumped down from the chair for the last time, "you don't want any other pictures, do you? It would interfere with the artistic unities to introduce any other school."

One day a corvette was seen in the horizon armed with a very great number of guns, and shaping her way towards the port of Algiers; there appeared immediately after an English brig of war, in full sail; a combat was therefore expected, and all the terraces of the town were covered with spectators; the brig appeared to be the best sailer, and seemed to us likely to reach the corvette, but the latter tacked about, and seemed desirous to engage in battle; the English vessel fled before her; the corvette tacked about a second time, and again directed her course towards Algiers, where, one would have supposed, she had some special mission to execute.

At last he could contain himself no longer, but turned it up inquiringly. Disillusioned, he let it fall again. "Ah, yes er well that's just tacked on to my driving-cloak. It looks well, and it keeps my ears nice and warm. You thought I'd blossomed out into a proper fur coat? No, it won't run to that just yet but it will soon.

Several sheets of paper were placed before her, and she drew roughly, on a large scale, an outline of the land about Repulse Bay and Lyon Inlet, continuing it northerly to the present winter station of the ships. Sheet after sheet was tacked on until she had completely lost sight of Winter Island, at the other end of the table.

At Masafuera, off Chile, the ships would have landed for fresh water; but a tremendous backwash of surf forewarned reefs; and the Lady Washington stretched her sails for the welcome warm winds, and tacked with all speed to the north. A few weeks later, Kendrick was compelled to put in for Juan Fernandez to repair the Columbia and rest his scurvy-stricken crew.

By their scattering the bait inside the hoop, and adjusting the loops, the contrivance is complete. This is a very old and approved method. The cross pieces are tacked to the top of the upright, and a noose suspended from each end, the bait adjusted as there seen.

They had completed their work in the town and in the meantime Phil and Teddy had squared the hits, as they are called the places where the banners were to be tacked up all ready for the banner men to get to work when they arrived in town next morning, or late that night. They arrived about midnight, but the other car did not come on the train with them.

At noon, on one of those madcap April days of that Coniston country, Jock descended from his work on the steeple to perceive the ungainly figure of Jethro Bass coming toward him across the green. Jethro was about thirty years of age, and he wore a coonskin cap even in those days, and trousers tacked into his boots.

When you visit the glass-factories of Venice today, you see the painted picture tacked up on the wall before the workmen, who with deft fingers stick the bits of glass into their beds of putty.

A card with the words, "David Burrill Lee, Rocky Bend," tacked to it made its appearance. Lee shook his head and attacked the lid. "It's like digging out a dead man," he muttered. "Well, we'll bury him again to-morrow." It was a box of odds and ends.