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Our guide once more remonstrated with us upon the folly of going deliberately into such a storm as this evidently would be; but Leet laughed him to scorn, declaring in broken Russian that he had seen storms in the Sierra Nevadas to which this was not a circumstance "Bolshoi storms, you bet!" But in five minutes more Mr.

It is usual to present the Encroachments at a Court Leet held for the manor, and upon perambulating the manor, which is generally done every three or four years, these encroachments are thrown out again to the waste or common.

"She meant no harm, Matthew." "But why duddent she mean some good and run bull-neck to-neet to bring ye the bettermer news?" "Better news, Matthew? What is it?" asked Rotha eagerly, but with more apprehension than pleasure in her tone. "Why, that the constables hev gone," said Matthew. "Gone!" "Gone! Another of the same sort came to-day to leet them, and away they've gone together."

He had commandeered an old opera-glass from his uncle who farmed at Leet over the moors, he had bought a cheap paper planisphere and Whitaker's Almanac, and for a time day and moonlight were mere blank interruptions to the one satisfactory reality in his life star-gazing.

He's come in, fin' tree, four mans seeck on de troat, cough, cough, sore, bad. Fill up de cook-house. Can't do noting. Sainte Marie! Dat new docteur, he's come on de camp, he's mak' one leet' fight, he's beeld hospital an' get dose seeck mans all nice an' snug. Bon. Good. By gar, dat's good feller!" The smile broadened on Fahey's face. "I say, Maclennan, he's captured your camp.

Dat Sampson, he one leet dev’,” proffered Marie Louise, with laudable design of shifting blame upon the easy shoulders of Sampson, in event of the domestic jar which she anticipated. “No use try do nuttin’ ’id Sampson, M’sieur.” “I had to know something, one way or the other,” Fanny said in a tone which carried apology, rather by courtesy than by what she considered due.

Altogether, what with one thing or another, Church Leet that year was kept in a state of ferment. But the work went on. One windy day in September, Mr. West sat in his study writing a sermon, when a jarring crash rang out from the church close by. He leaped from his chair. The unusual noise had startled him; and it struck on every chord of vexation he possessed.

"Hoo goes theere to fish, mon?" cried Crouch, "for it is the natur o' the wary varmint to feed at a distance fro' her lodgin; boh ey'm sure we shan leet on her among the roots o' them big trees o'erhanging th' river near Bean Hill Wood, an if the squire 'll tay my advice, he'n go theere first." "I put myself entirely under your guidance, Crouch," said Nicholas.

"Station yourselves on the bank, fifty paces apart," cried Crouch; "run, run, or yo'n be too late, an' strike os quick os leet if yo've a chance. Stay wheere you are, squoire," he added, to Nicholas. "Yo canna be better placed." All was now animation and excitement.

The leet is a court of record for the cognizance of criminal matters, or pleas of the crown; and necessarily belongs to the king; though a subject, usually the lord of the manor, may be, and is, entitled to the profits, consisting of the essoign pence, fines, and amerciaments "It is held before the steward, or was, in ancient times, before the bailiff, of the lord."

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