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It seems incredible in these times that the country submitted for a month to the intolerable Alien and Sedition acts. Should any congressman propose their reenactment to-day, he would be looked upon as a crank and be laughed out of court.

In some cases, particularly when annular wheels are used, the train-arm may become very short, so that it may be impossible to mount the planet-wheel in the manner thus far represented, upon a pin carried by a crank. The Internal pinions, a, f, are but little smaller than the annular wheels, A, F, and are hung upon an eccentric E formed in one solid piece with the driving shaft, D.

The gale was so violent, that no more sail could be made. The ship was so exceedingly crank, that when she luffed up on a wind, her bulwarks were under water. As she would not stay, the only alternative was, to wear; of course, with this evolution, we lost ground, and, consequently, were driven nearer, every moment, toward the awful strand of rocks.

One Sunday the village crank came to hear me, honoring the occasion by wearing a new stove-pipe hat of prodigious proportions, which he deposited on the seat as he arose during prayer.

Laurie didn't say 'old crank, but I say it, and I mean it," continued Jerry vindictively. "Don't breathe it to anyone, though. It was a brotherly confidence and Hal would rave if he knew I repeated it." "Jerry," whispered Marjorie. Her brief scorn had faded into a faint frown of anxiety. "I don't think Mr. Atwell is really the best sort of person for Mignon to go around with.

All you have to do is to set it on a table and turn a crank, and the fish flies right down your throat and the bones right under the grate. Well, there was a country greenhorn got hold of it the other day, and he turned the crank the wrong way; and, I tell you, the way the bones flew down his throat was awful.

It is a hopeless kind of task, and, however faithfully the crank is turned, it is one that brings little reputation. There is a great deal of poetry about haying I mean for those not engaged in it. One likes to hear the whetting of the scythes on a fresh morning and the response of the noisy bobolink, who always sits upon the fence and superintends the cutting of the dew-laden grass.

"Just wait till you have studied Christian Healing and then see how to manage," said Mrs. Reade with sparkling eyes. "Have you taken such a fancy to this too, Mrs. Reade?" asked Mr. Hayden, rather teasingly. "Oh, she's almost a crank now," answered her husband, with a merry twinkle. "Well, it is very good to have such an article in the family.

Switzer, but the German was not to be outwitted. The two had fallen to the floor under the impact of the comic player, and were now tangled up in the ladder. "That's good! That's good!" laughed Mr. Pertell. "Get all of that, Russ! Every bit!" "I'm getting it!" cried the operator, as he continued to grind away at the crank of the moving picture camera. Again Mr.

Take your kingdom." "I should have to take it, madame, if I got it. My uncle of Provence has nothing to give me. He merely says 'My dear dauphin, if Europe knocks Napoleon down, will you kindly take hold of a crank which is too heavy for me, and turn it for the good of the Bourbons? We may thus keep the royal machine in the family!"

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