He'll be settin' up on th' roof iv his boat, smokin' a good see-gar, an' wondhrin' how manny iv th' babbies named afther him 'll be in th' pinitinchry be th' time he gets back home. Up comes me br-rave Hobson. 'Who ar-re ye, disturbin' me quite? says Cousin George. 'I'm a hero, says th' Loot. 'Ar-re ye, faith? says Cousin George.

An' off goes th' sojers an' they meet a lot iv la-ads that looks like thimsilves an' makes sounds that's more or less human an' ates out iv plates an' they swap smokin' tobacco an' sings songs together an' th' next day they're up early jabbing holes in each other with baynits.

Almost at the same moment Captain Pharo and Uncle Coffin walked fearlessly up the aisle, their familiar hats on their heads, their pipes in harmonious glowing action, and sat down beside us with beams of recognition. The hard young man, who appeared to be pecuniary manager as well as leading star of the show, came to us. "No smoking here!" he said, severely. "No smokin'!" replied Captain Pharo.

"So you agree, of course, with Mr Bertram in condemning the use of the pipe." "Condemn the pipe?" said Bounce, pulling out his own special favourite and beginning to fill it "wot, condemn smokin'? No, by no means wotsomdiver. That's quite another kee-westion, wot we hain't bin a disputin' about. I only heer'd Mr Bertram a-talkin' about obst'nitness an' argementation."

In his own particular way he seems to be enjoyin' this yachtin' trip huge, just loafin' around elegant in his white flannels, smokin' cigarettes continual, soppin' up brandy-and-soda at reg'lar intervals, and entertainin' Mr. Ellins with his batty remarks.

'An' rings on his fingers an' bells 'Noo, noo, lassie, ye're no to mak' fun o' me! Whaur's his case? Christina handed her an aluminium cigarette case the best in the shop and she presented it to Macgregor, saying: 'Ye're no to gang an' hurt yer health wi' smokin'; but when ye tak' a ceegarette, ye'll maybe gi'e a thocht to an auld body that'll be rememberin' ye, baith mornin' an' nicht.

"Well, sir, as I was sayin' they kep convarsin' and smokin' together most agreeable, until Lawrence beginn'd to get sleepy, as was but nathural for him, for he was an ould sarvint man, and was used to a great dale iv sleep. "'Sure it's impossible, says my father, 'it's gettin' sleepy you are?

Simon acknowledged the compliment characteristically. He produced a pipe and examined the empty bowl with interest. "Halo smokin', me!" he observed gravely. Sandy nodded and handed him a large plug. The Indian filled his pipe and put the tobacco in his pocket. "You my tillikum," he announced. "When you tenas boy I like you, you like me.

The truth is, Uncle Remus had heard the child coming, and, when the rosy-cheeked chap put his head in at the door, was engaged in a monologue, the burden of which seemed to be "Ole Molly Har', W'at you doin' dar, Settin' in de cornder Smokin' yo' seegyar?"

"Don't let him scare you, ma," Percival interrupted. "You'll get into the game all right, and I'll see that you have a good time." "Only I hope the First M.E. Church of Montana City never hears of her outrageous cuttin's-up," said Uncle Peter, as if to himself. "They'd have her up and church her, sure smokin' cigarettes with her gold monogram on, at her age!"