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See "Tar-Baby" in Uncle Remus, his Songs and Sayings, p. 7. Also "Puss in Boots" in Lang's Cinderella, p. 36. See "Uncle Remus" on "Tortoise and the Rabbit," p. 87. Also Æsop's Fables, p. 162. Juan Puson, or "Jack Paunch," as he would be called in English, is a favorite character in Tagalog folk-lore.

The truth is, Uncle Remus had heard the child coming, and, when the rosy-cheeked chap put his head in at the door, was engaged in a monologue, the burden of which seemed to be "Ole Molly Har', W'at you doin' dar, Settin' in de cornder Smokin' yo' seegyar?"

The other day she set Remus, our gardener, on my trail, and he shadowed me all over the town. Felicite thinks there's something wrong, too, and she's taken to following me. Between her and Remus I haven't a moment's privacy." "It's tough for a detective to be dogged by his gardener and his sweetheart," Norvin sympathized.

His knife was so keen, and the leather fell away from it so smoothly and easily, that the little boy wanted to trim some himself. But to this Uncle Remus would not listen. "'Tain't on'y chilluns w'at got de consate er doin' eve'ything dey see yuther folks do. Hit's grown folks w'at oughter know better," said the old man.

I replied that I had not, and would have added that I did not even know where Remus was, when he continued by saying it was strange the hotel proprietor did not keep the "Sentinel" on his files, and that he, himself, should write to the editor about it.

For some say, he was son to Aeneas and Dexithea, daughter of Phorbas, and was, with his brother Remus, in their infancy, carried into Italy, and being on the river when the waters came down in a flood, all the vessels were cast away except only that where the young children were, which being gently landed on a level bank of the river, they were both unexpectedly saved, and from them the place was called Rome.

"How was that, Uncle Remus?" asked a gentleman standing near. "Hit wuz sorter like dis, boss. Las' Chuseday, Mars John he fotch home two er deze yer Flurridy watermillions, an him an' Miss Sally sot down fer ter eat um. Mars John an' Miss Sally ain't got nuthin' dat's too good fer me, an' de fus news I know'd Miss Sally wuz a hollerin' fer Remus.

The brothers, therefore, having each expressed his preference in respect to the best place for the city, were equally unwilling to recede from the ground which they had taken. Remus thought that there was no reason why he should yield to Romulus, and Romulus was equally unwilling to give way to Remus. Neither could yield, in fact, without in some sense admitting the superiority of the other.

Such were his Nursing of Romulus and Remus or the Wolf, in which Amulius king of Alba appeared, and his -Clastidium-, which celebrated the victory of Marcellus over the Celts in 532. After his example, Ennius in his -Ambracia- described from personal observation the siege of that city by his patron Nobilior in 565.

"What has it got in it?" broke in some one; "molasses, kerosene, or train-oil?" "Well, I lay she's loaded, boss. I ain't shuk her up sence I drapt in, but I lay she's loaded." "Yes," said the agricultural editor, "and it's the meanest bug- juice in town regular sorghum skimmings." "Dat's needer yer ner dar," responded Uncle Remus.

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