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We decided to arrange our machine for the following year so that the depth of the curvature of its surfaces could be varied at will and its covering air-proofed. Our attention was next turned to gliding, but no hill suitable for the purpose could be found near our camp at Kitty Hawk.

The wood is then heated with torches, and on cooling retains the curvature thus impressed on it. The shaft of the poisoned dart is made from the wood of the NIBONG and wild sago palms. On to one end of this is fitted a small tapering cylinder of tough pith, about one inch in length, its greatest diameter at its butt end being exactly equal to the bore of the pipe.

And to the questions, "How, and from whence?" in the light of our hypothesis we may answer, "By the curvature of time, consciousness escapes into the fourth dimension."

The wall followed the natural curvature of the rock and was keyed to it by one of the finest examples of masonry I have ever seen. This beautiful wall, made of carefully matched ashlars of pure white granite, especially selected for its fine grain, was the work of a master artist. The interior surface of the wall was broken by niches and square stone-pegs.

The relative depth of the arcs, or nature of their curvature, cannot be taken into consideration without a complexity of system which my space does not admit.

In every case the conditions of life must be favourable in order that the different parts should act in a perfect manner. Tendrils revolve by the curvature of their whole length, excepting the sensitive extremity and the base, which parts do not move, or move but little.

The curving of the lines in shading adds considerably to the force of the relief, and suggests much stronger modelling. In the case of foreshortened effects, where the forms are seen at their fullest, arching one over the other, some curvature in the lines of shading is of considerable advantage in adding to the foreshortened look.

They were obliged to have recourse to a detour in order to get the cover of the bushes, and to follow the curvature of the beach.

The Must Be’s and May Be’s of Composition Of the other principles, Consistency or breadth, Continuity and its complement, Contrast, associate themselves in greater or less degree with Principality and Harmony, which are the must be’s; while Repetition, Radiation, Curvature and Interchange are reckoned as the may be’s of composition. Perspective

§ XVII. The reader will observe that I call the arch mid-cusped, not when the cusped point is in the middle of the curve of the arch, but when it is in the middle of the side piece, and also that where the side pieces join the keystone there will be a change, perhaps somewhat abrupt, in the curvature. The Gothic arch of Venice is almost invariably up-cusped, as at k.

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