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I did: I paid the three-and-six balliance, and never sor 'em mor. "The market fell daily. The Rewin grew wusser and wusser. Hagnies, Hagnies! it wasn't in the city aloan my misfortns came upon me. They beerded me in my own ome. The biddle who kips watch at the Halbany wodn keep misfortn out of my chambers; and Mrs. Twiddler, of Pall Mall, and Mr.

"I've seed en, 'pon the heath. 'Tis butivul an' solemn an' still, all aloan out theer in a croft to itself. I trapsed up-long wan day an' got beside of en an' ate a pasty wi' Joe. But Joe chid me, an' said 'tweer a heathenish thing sticked theer by the Phoenicians, as comed for tin in Solomon's times." "Don't you believe that, Joan.

"And I'll tell this, Maäster Harry, if be after dinner with en, and he has a bottle o' poort wine that he puts on the mantelpiece, and he says to to let that aloän, vor 'tis a medicine-zart o' wine, don't heed en, but have that wine. 'Tis the real old poort wine, zor, that yür vather gied en the dahmned old pagan!"

Close at hand Bessie Bolstock, who was reputed to have designs on David, was giggling spitefully at the pair in the Kenmuir wagon, and singing: "Let a lad aloan, lass, Let a lad a-be." While her father, Teddy, dodged in and out among the crowd with tray and glasses: for Cup Day was the great day of the year for him.

He was lying motionless, spread on his back, and was murmuring to himself as I drew close. I knelt beside him to lift him up, and could catch, as I tried to raise him, what he was saying. 'Whisht ye, then, whisht, Effie, Aah never meant to break t' dish, Aah tell thee. Leave us aloan, then, lass, doan't plague t' life oot of a man.

"No," she said. "It won't be like that. It won't, really. If my father won't let my sister marry Dr. Rowcliffe, you don't suppose he'll let me marry you? It makes it more impossible than ever. That's what I came to tell you." "It's naw use yo're tallin' mae. I won't hear it." He bent to her. "Ally d'yo knaw we're aloan here?" "Yes, Jim."

Schwigshhnaps, the currier, sate behind in the rumbill; master aloan in the inside, as grand as a Turk, and rapt up in his fine fir-cloak. Off we sett, bowing gracefly to the crowd; the harniss-bells jinglin, the great white hosses snortin, kickin, and squeelin, and the postilium cracking his wip, as loud as if he'd been drivin her majesty the quean. Well, I shan't describe our voyitch.

It's nothing to me now. How did you know I cared for him?" "I knew because I looved yo. Because I was always thinkin' of yo. Because I watched yo with him." "Oh Jim would other people know?" "Naw. Nat they. They didn't look at yo the saame as I did." He became thoughtful. "Wall this here sattles it," he said presently. "Yo caann't be laft all aloan in t' Vicarage. Yo'll 'ave t' marry mae."

"'Tha conna want me now, Phil, she said. 'Tha conna care fur me. Tha must know I'm more this mon's wife than thine. But I dunnot ax thee to gi' me to him because I know that wouldna be reet; I on'y ax thee to let me aloan. I'll go fur enough off an' never see him more. "But th' villain held to her. If she didna come wi' him, he said, he'd ha' her up before th' court fur bigamy.

But Abe responded at the top of his voice, while tears came rolling over his face, "Put um on theesen and let me aloan! 'This, my son, was dead, and is alive again, he was lost and is faand!" By that genuine burst of feeling, he reached a climax of eloquence that has seldom been surpassed in the history of preaching. "I am a Wonder unto Many."

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