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There was a man named Edwards, who was captured May 8th, a Princess Pat, who once at Giessen showed me his compass and suggested that we go together next time. He was at Vehnemoor, too, and Bromley and I, in talking it over, decided to ask Edwards and his friend to join us. Then the four of us got together and held many conferences.

It has a fine crest, something like that of a Polish fowl, but larger in proportion to the bird, and very regular and well formed. The male must have been almost like the Umbrella bird in miniature, the crest is so large and expanded. Down, Bromley, Kent, S.E. September 22, 1865.

But if he took it pleasantly, he could make it worth my while to leave the navy, which he has always wished me to do, or let us have sufficient coin for you to come to any port I am stationed at. As long as it was only myself, I didn't care so much; yet Bromley Towers is worth saving, if possible." A pause. "But I can't think what you will do while I am away."

Barrington thought this rather forward, but there was a suppressed murmur of applause when she had finished. One of the ladies addressed a few words to her, and then Kate carelessly brought up a gentleman who had been tormenting her for an introduction. Bluebell had hoped that Lord Bromley would have spoken to her, after their encounter in the morning.

Give my kind regards to her and all your family. Very truly yours, Down, Bromley, Kent, S.E. February 2, 1869. My dear Wallace, I must have expressed myself atrociously; I meant to say exactly the reverse of what you have understood.

This business of Bromley so delights me; and finding you agree with me about Lord Courtown, I was confident as to your sentiments on that point. But some people take such strange ideas into their heads! To be sure, to be sure, the predominant interest, mine, that is to say ours, Vivian, is the predominant interest.

But this was an untruth they did interest him and very much, too. He seldom, indeed, thought of anything else. Had Gladys fallen in love with Bromley Burnham? Could she resist the fascinations of so handsome a man? He did not, of course, pay any heed to the gossip that coupled her name with dukes and other notorieties.

"Ask me," said he, giving her a little shake. She did not speak. Her eyes, fixed on the distant shore, were slowly filling with tears. Suddenly a light came through the mist that obscured them, and the shut lips parted. She saw some distant object that gave her hope. "It is Stephen Bromley," said she. "He is coming to his nets. They say he is a very desperate, violent man, but he will protect me."

"Curse the Croydon Canal," bawls the little Bromley barber, "my mule can swim like a soap-bladder, and my toggery can't spoil, thank God!" The prophecy turns up. Having skirted Fuller's farm, the villain finds no place to hide; and in two minutes, or less, the canal appears in view. It is full of craft, and the locks are open, but there is a bridge about half a mile to the right.

The light came from the end of the hall facing me, and I could not see very well. When we drew near, a cry broke from him "Sim!" he cried. "Good God!... I thought you were in Holland." It was Bromley! Then the guard poked him in the back and sent him stumbling past me. I turned and called to him, but my guard pushed me on.

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