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Cavalry took a large part in the battle. XXXVII. Vacui. Free from apprehension. Ni. Cf. note 4: ni. Subita belli. Unexpected emergencies arising in the course of the battle. Cf. 6: inania honoris. Grande et atrox spectaculum, etc. See a similar description in Sal. Jug. 101. Compare the famous veni, vidi, vici, of Caesar. Prout erat.

"Inde Vitellius Cremonam flexit, et spectato munere Caecinae, insistere Bedriacensibus campis, ac vestigia recentis victoriae lustrare oculis concupivit. Foedum atque atrox spectaculum!

"Quam pulchrum spectaculum Deo, cum Christianus cum dolore congueditur? cum adversus minas, et supplicia, et tormenta componitur? cum libertatem suam adversus reges ac Principes erigit." Disappointed of a fellowship at Cambridge, he turned actor; failed upon the stage, but prospered as a writer for it. His career as a dramatist began with 'Nero', in 1675, and he wrote in all eleven plays.

"Dignum certe Deo spectaculum fortem virum cum calamitate colluctantem." "Even God may look with pleasure upon a brave man struggling against adversity." Again, "Quels solides appui dans le malheur suprême! J'ai pour moi ma vertu, l'équité, Dieu même." "How substantial the consolation in the greatest calamity I have for mine, my virtue, justice, God himself." Beneath this was written,

In this passage it will be observed that the same thing takes place in the repetition of words: "lacus," "ratis," "vis," "navis," "ac," "multitudo," "Cupido," "princeps," "tempus," "spectaculum," "edere," "proelium," "visere," "proximus," "aqua," "opus" and "pugna."

Hereupon he got up again into the coach, muttering to himself, and bade my daughter sit so that she should not look upon him. And now we once more had the same spectaculum with the accursed old witch Lizzie Kolken, seeing that she again sat at her door as we drove by, and began to sing at the top of her voice, "We praise thee, O Lord." But she screeched like a stuck pig, so that Dom.

Non fuit elegantia illud aut cura, sed studiosa luxuria. Immo ne studiosa quidem: quoniam non in studium, sed in spectaculum comparaverant: sicut plerisque, ignaris etiam servilium literarum libri non studiorum instrumenta, sed coenationum ornamenta sunt. Paretur itaque librorum quantum satis sit, nihil in apparatum.

"'Spectaculum facti sumus Deo, angelis et hominibus. These are the words of Saint Paul, Englished thus, 'We are made a spectacle or sight unto God, unto His angels, and unto men'; verified this day in me, who am here a spectacle unto my Lord God, a spectacle unto His angels, and unto you men, satisfying myself to die as becometh a true Christian and Catholic man."

Ita consilium Britannorum in ipsos versum: transvectaeque praecepto ducis a fronte pugnantium alae, aversam hostium aciem invasere. Tum vero patentibus locis grande et atrox spectaculum: sequi, vulnerare, capere atque eosdem, oblatis aliis, trucidare.

And what a glorious spectacle is this? Did it not constrain even a heathen to cry out, "Ecce spectaculum Deo dignum! See a sight worthy of God: a good man struggling with adversity, and superior to it." Here is the ground for confidence in God, both with regard to what we feel, and with regard to what we should fear, were it not that our soul is calmly stayed on him.