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Let me protect and cherish you, and so atone for the sorrow I have brought you." It was impossible to resist the sincere urgency of his voice, the tender reverence of his manner, as he took the two forlorn yet innocent creatures into the shelter of his strength and love. They clung to him instinctively, feeling that there still remained to them one staunch friend whom adversity could not estrange.

The king's friends, who were regents of the kingdom during the minority, being informed of these things, either induced by fear, as they afterward declared, lest Pompey should corrupt the king's army, and seize on Alexandria and Egypt, or despising his bad fortune, as in adversity friends commonly change to enemies, in public gave a favorable answer to his deputies, and desired him to come to the king; but secretly laid a plot against him, and dispatched Achillas, captain of the king's guards, a man of singular boldness, and Lucius Septimius, a military tribune, to assassinate him.

How England can get on through four long summer months without its bar which is its acknowledged refuge in adversity and its only legitimate triumph in prosperity is beside the question; assuredly that shield and buckler of Britannia are not in present wear.

She seems ever to have felt that after the splendour there would come again the old days of adversity, and her instincts were in one sense correct. She lived on to the advanced age of eighty-six, and died twenty-one years after the break-up of her son's empire a striking proof of the vitality and tenacity of her powers. A kindly Providence veiled the future from the young couple.

No one will pretend that there have not been great errors of administration in Italy, but apparently the Italians have known how to learn wisdom from their folly. There has been a great deal of industrial adversity; the cost of living has advanced; the taxes are very heavy, and the burdens are unequally adjusted; many speculators have been ruined, and much honestly invested money has been lost.

He turned his face toward the imperial box; his eyes beamed with love and exultation, and he began to play his favorite hymn with impressive enthusiasm the hymn which he had composed ten years ago in the days of Austria's adversity, and which he had sung every day since then, the hymn, "Gott erhalte Franz den Kaiser, unsern guten Kaiser Franz!"

In a codicil to his will, dated Valladolid, May 4, I 506, he bequeathed to 'his beloved home, the Republic of Genoa, the prayer-book which Pope Alexander had given him, and which in prison, in conflict, and in every kind of adversity, had been to him the greatest of comforts. It seems as if these words cast upon the abhorred name of Borgia one last gleam of grace and mercy.

She spoke of her intercourse with the Orleans family, on which the French ambassador in London had laid stress as likely to displease the Emperor. She said they were her friends and relations, and that she could not drop them in their adversity, but that politics were never touched upon between her and them.

It is adversity that brings to the surface our better natures and fires our ambitions to the nobler and grander things of life. "Buchan must have had this in mind, for while he was running his engine he was always trying to help some poor fellow.

"I never expected to meat Lindau in the world again," said March, more to himself than to Fulkerson. "I had an impression that he had been killed in the war. I almost wish he had been." "Oh, hello, now!" cried Fulkerson. March laughed, but went on soberly: "He was a man predestined to adversity, though.