Except ourselves, the rest of the sixteen people appeared to be all of her party, and they looked so gay and seemed enjoying themselves; I am afraid grandmamma would have said they romped, rather. Our vis-

When the bridges broke down, unarmed soldiers, people from Moscow and women with children who were with the French transport, all carried on by vis inertiae pressed forward into boats and into the ice-covered water and did not, surrender. That impulse was reasonable. The condition of fugitives and of pursuers was equally bad.

"Cedarhurst, September 28th, 1915. "The negotiations about the submarine campaign are at a standstill at present. From the fact that Lansing has not been recalled from leave and that President Wilson does not seem over-eager to give an opinion on the proposals which I have put forward for his consideration, I consider myself justified in concluding that the Americans do not consider the situation to be any longer critical. Even the Press is no longer agitated, as in all recent cases of attack by German submarines. Their commanders have acted quite in accordance with our assurances. Under these circumstances Mr. Wilson may possibly fall in with our proposal that the particular case of the Arabic should be dealt with by an International Commission of Inquiry. In any case, some means must be found of finishing once for all with the Arabic and Lusitania incidents; only then shall we be in a position to see whether President Wilson will keep his word, and take energetic measures vis

At that time it was the fashion to clothe children in garments similar to those worn by their elders. A company of little ones, therefore, looked like an assemblage of Lilliputian merveilleuses and incroyables. The little men and women also accompanied their mamas to receptions and the theatre, where they joined in the conversation, danced vis-

I have had my sadness. It paused for a moment, and mouthed on: 'I can cap your Lucretius too with "Usque adeo res humanas vis abdita " It seemed that for a moment the speaker stayed before the door where all three held their breaths. 'I have read more of the Fathers, of late days, than of the writers profane. They heard the breathing of a heavy man who had mounted stairs.

The husband and the young wife were swung together over the side to the lifting waves in a two-seated "mammy chair," like one of those vis-

I have ONE o' them, I tell you; but, be my sowl, I'll not undertake A PAIR o' them. The very name's enough for me." They then separated. The tailor's vis vitae must have been powerful or he would have died. In two years more his friends could not distinguish him from his own shadow, a circumstance which was of great inconvenience to him.

"That would depend a good deal, I should think, on the nature of what you said," his counsellor suggested, smiling. "If I said point-blank I loved her ?" Miss Sandus looked hard at the fire, her brows drawn together, pondering. Her brows were drawn together, but the vis comica played about her lips. "I think, if I were in your place, I should try it," she decided at last.

"Where did this ridiculous canard originate?" demanded a pompous and elderly gentleman as he tugged at his closely cropped mustache with a nervousness belying his scepticism. His vis-

This figure is sometimes performed in a different manner, known as double L'Eté. Instead of the top lady and vis-