"And," I added "certain minor authors named Goldsmith, Sterne, Steele, and Samuel Lover." "And Bishop Berkeley, and Brinsley Sheridan, and Maria Edgeworth, and Father Prout," continued Salemina, "and certain great speech-makers like Burke and Grattan and Curran; and how delightful to visit all the places connected with Stella and Vanessa, and the spot where Spenser wrote the Faerie Queene."

"I confess I cannot agree with you, Prout," said the Reverend John. "He jumped at some silly tale of theft on their part; accepted another boy's evidence without, so far as I can see, any inquiry; and frankly, I think he deserved all he got." "They deliberately outraged Mason's best feelings," said Prout. "A word to me on their part would have saved the whole thing.

He was a very lazy old chap, however; and, in lieu of attending to his work, was generally to be found confabulating with our mulatto cook, Accra Prout, as I discovered him now, more bent on worming out an extra lot of grog from the chef of the galley in exchange for a lump of "hard" tobacco, than thinking of masthead lanterns or the ship's side lights, green and red.

Methinks they have already had more than enough for their souls' or bodies' health." "I will not gainsay thee, master Prout," said the host, "and will obey, as becometh a man who respects Thee and thine office; but the wine is good and can do no harm, as thou mayest convince thyself by trial. I will pour thee out a cup." "Nay," said Master Prout, "I need it not.

On the west, Lieutenant C. Dempster commanded three 9-pounders, assisted by Lieutenant Martin. Flanking the west battery, the little rifled 3-pounder was stationed, with a detachment under the command of Major Prout, 56th Native Infantry; and on the north-west, Captain Whiting held the command.

The houses in Eden Village were not crowded; for the first quarter of a mile they passed hardly more than a dozen. After that, although they became more neighborly, each held itself well aloof. Then came a small church with a disproportionately tall spire, a watering trough, the Town Hall, and "Prout's Store, Zenas Prout 2nd, Proprietor." Here the gray sidled up to the ancient hitching-post.

So spoke Master Prout, with a twinkle of the eye at the Knight, on account of the good thing which he fancied he had said, and the woman lost no time in extricating herself from durance. Her face was crimsoned with blushes; she dropped a curtsey to the Knight, and hurried off with her husband.

Nor could he have been what he was, or expressed with that mysteriously effective touch that peculiar delight in broken and old buildings, unless he had been withdrawn from all high art influence. You know that Prout was born of poor parents that he was educated down in Cornwall; and that, for many years, all the art- teaching he had was his own, or the fishermen's.

I remember; that is right. But there are some very pretty copies from Prout here." While he was seeking them, Meta contrived to whisper, "If you could persuade him to go indoors this confusion of people is so bad for him, and I must not come away. I was in hopes of Dr. May, but he is with the little ones."

Prout, and the Head, of course, are the only masters senior to us in that way." "Yes, we've changed a good deal in Common-room." "Huh!" said Beetle with a grunt. "They came here, an' they went away to get married. Jolly good riddance, too!" "Doesn't our Beetle hold with matrimony?" "No, Padre; don't make fun of me. I've met chaps in the holidays who've got married house-masters.