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Linda lifted her eyes and Judge Whiting looked into them till he saw the same gold lights in their depths that Peter Morrison had seen. He came around the table and placed a big leather chair for Linda. Then he went back and resumed his own. "Of course," said the Judge in his most engaging manner.

She says she must see you, but she will not give a name. She seems to be in trouble, or frightened." Jeffrey Whiting was on his feet and making for the door. "Sit down where you were, young man," said the Bishop sharply. If Ruth Lansing were out there and the Bishop half believed that she was well, it might be coincidence. But it was too much for the Bishop's credulity.

Because of that stupid old thing at the end there?" asked the boy. "Why does she come here at all who wants her? Why doesn't she keep her silly old mug at home?" "It's her fu-ur which is so funny," giggled the girl. "It's exactly like a fried whiting." "Ah, be off with you!" said the boy in an angry whisper. Then: "Tell me, ma petite chere " "No, not here," said the girl. "Not yet."

This is why you often see the name Goodyear on the bottom of rubbers. Rubber overshoes were improved at once. As they now are made, the rubber is mixed with sulphur, whiting, litharge, and several other substances. An honest firm will add only those materials that will be of service in making the rubber more easy to mould or will improve it in some way.

What she meant to the women who were her comrades at Wellesley in those early days the women who held up her hands is expressed in an address by Professor Whiting at the memorial service held in the chapel in December, 1903: "I think of her in her office, which was also her private parlor, with not even a skilled secretary at first, toiling with all the correspondence, seeing individual girls on academic and social matters, setting them right in cases of discipline, interviewing members of the faculty on necessary plans.

Robert Whiting, who was very ill and weak, crawled to a wheel; and he said that, though unable to stand, he had yet strength enough to load and fire. The shots at the river seemed renewed almost as soon as the reinforcement left us, but we were obliged to remain in ignorance of the nature and result of the attack for at least an hour after the firing had ceased.

The Children of the Moors and Turks are sent to School at about Six years old, where they are taught to Read and Write for the value of about a Penny a week of our Money. Instead of Paper or a Slate, each boy has a piece of thin square Board, slightly daubed over with Whiting; on this he makes his Letters, which may be wiped off or renewed at pleasure.

He simply told me to go back to Staunton, and he would send me orders to-morrow. I haven't the slightest idea what they will be. The orders, when they came, simply directed him to take his troops by railway to Gordonsville, through which they had passed two days before, and gave no reason whatever for the movement. General Whiting was not the only Confederate officer who was mystified.

The articles to be plated are pickled in dilute sulphuric acid, and polished with fine sand and a scratch-brush, rinsed in water, loosely wound round with zinc wire or tape, and immersed in the bath for ten or fifteen minutes at ordinary temperatures. The coating is finished with the scratch-brush and whiting.

If you wanted to attract Mary Louise Whiting, you missed the best chance you ever could have had, at three o'clock Saturday afternoon, when you maliciously treated her only brother as you would a mechanic, ordered him to our garage, and shut our door in his face." Eileen turned to Linda. Her mouth fell open. A ghastly greenish white flooded her face. "What do you mean?" she gasped.

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