"But if it does please me, mon camarade " "Dieu! How sweet you are! But don't call me 'Camarade, mon petit. Those wolves above call each other that!" "I won't, if you hate it. Yes, that's really love to give all and take nothing." Arithelli spoke dreamily. "Emile made me sing to him before he went away; you remember 'L'Adieu' of Schubert? He loved it. "La mort est une amie, Qui rend la liberté."

"What, thinks she we shall steal it?" Cornelis suggested that she would fain wedge herself into the family by means of this letter. Denys cast a look of scorn on the speaker. "There spoke a bad heart," said he. "La camarade hates you all like poison.

"What division are you from?" "Hell, I came to warn you this bastard frawg's got soused an' has been blabbin' in the gin mill there how he was an anarchist an' all that, an' how he had an American deserter who was an anarchist an' all that, an' I said to myself: 'That guy'll git nabbed if he ain't careful, so I cottoned up to the old frawg an' said I'd go with him to see the camarade, an' I think we'd better both of us make tracks out o' this burg."

The next number was thus announced: "Le Camarade Millet will sound, first, all the French bugle-calls and then the Boche ones." Le Camarade Millet, a big man with a fine horseshoe beard, stood at the edge of the stage, said, "la Charge français" and blew it on the bugle; then "la Charge boche," and blew that. "La Retraite français La Retraite boche," etc.

"Hola! mon petit. By my hilt! I thought there had been a camisade. What then, mon gar.?" "Come hither by the window, Aylward," said Alleyne. "I have seen four-score men pass from yonder shaw across the glade, and nigh every man of them had a great burden on his back. What think you of it?" "I think nothing of it, mon camarade!

Rylton had scarcely been in it, though a good player. That little thing was here and there and everywhere, yet Rylton could not say she poached. Whatever she did, however, she won. She does not throw up her cap this time perhaps she had seen a little of that laughter before but she claps her hands joyfully, and pats Rylton's arm afterwards in a bon camarade fashion that seems to amuse him.

She did not try to marry a duke, elevate the stage or break into swell society. After closing her maison de joie she ceased to be "bonne camarade et bonne fille" in the tough de tough quarter of the Judean metropolis. There were no more strolls on the Battery by moonlight alone love after exchanging her silken robe de chambre for an old- fashioned nightgown with never a ruffle.

The soldier made a low and humble acknowledgment for her civility; and Heyward adding a "Bonne nuit, mon camarade," they moved deliberately forward, leaving the sentinel pacing the banks of the silent pond, little suspecting an enemy of so much effrontery, and humming to himself those words which were recalled to his mind by the sight of women, and, perhaps, by recollections of his own distant and beautiful France: "Vive le vin, vive l'amour," etc., etc.

Well indeed for him that he had not chanced to stop at the door of my neighbor and camarade, Paul Bouchard, who had a passion for practical physiology, and with whom no amount of animal suffering was of the smallest importance when weighed against the remote chance of an insignificant discovery, which would be challenged and contradicted as soon as announced by scores of his fellow- experimentalists.

There is six score of 'em to keep one another company: besides, they are not going out of Burgundy." "Better for them if they had never been in it." "Mechant, va! they are but going from one village to another, a mule's journey! whilst thou there, no more. Courage, camarade, le diable est mort."