Then, without waiting for his companion's reply, he turned to me, and giving an added volume to his sonorous voice, said: 'And you, Sir King, do you know whose bed Your Majesty was going to make at the bidding of well, of a duke's chavi? I advanced with still growing anger.

However, as I read over from time to time to my Rommany chal what I had written, his delight in actually hearing his own words read from writing, partook of all the pride of successful authorship it was, my dear sir, like your delight over your first proof sheet. Well, this was the letter. A translation will be found following it. THE PANNI GAV, Dec. 16, 1871. MY KAMLI CHAVI, Kushti bak!

'My poor mammy's daddy, when she wur a little chavi, beat her so cruel that she was a ailin' woman all her life, and she used to say, "For good or for ill, you must dig deep to bury your daddy." I went back and resumed my seat by Wilderspin's side, while Sinfi returned to Cyril.

Penned the tikni Rommani chavi laki pal, "More mor the pishom, 'cause she's a Rommani, and kairs her jivaben jallin' parl the tem dukkerin' the ruzhas and lellin' the gudlo avree 'em, sar moro dye dukkers the ranis. An' ma wusser bars at the rookas, 'cause they're kaulos, an' kaulo ratt is Rommany ratt.

Poor Panuel Lovell kept gazing at us, and then said, 'It's cruel to let one woman kill herself for another; but when her as kills herself is a Romany, and t'other a Gorgie, it's what I calls a blazin' shame. She would do it, my poor chavi would do it. "No harm can't come on it," says she, "because a Gorgio cuss can't touch a Romany." An' now see what's come on it.

And then after all this learning came references to poor ignorant Fenella Stanley's letters and extracts from them. In one of these extracts I was startled to come upon the now familiar word 'crwth. 'De Welch fok ses as de livin mullos only follow the crwth on Snowdon wen it is playde by a Welch Chavi, but dat is all a lie.

'Lucky for you, my fine fellow, that I'm a duke's chavi, an' mustn't fight, else I'd pretty soon ask you outside and settle this off in no time. But you'd better keep clear of Mrs. Davies's cottage, I can tell you. Every stick in that house is mine. And, forgetting in her rage to pay her score, she picked up her strange-looking musical instrument, put it into a bag, and stalked out.

So they bitchered her for shurabun. I've got kek gry and can't lel no wongur to kin kek. My kamli chavi, if you could bitch me a few bars it would be cammoben. I rikkers my covvas apre mi dumo kenna.

Dey follows the crwth when a Romany Chi plays it as I nows very wel, but de chavi wot play on the crwth, shee must love the living mullo she want for to come, and de living mullo must love her. And then followed my father's comments on the extract. 'N.B. To see and hear a crwth, if possible, and ascertain the true nature of the vibrations.

'Well, said she, when I had stopped to look round, 'it's my belief as the cuss is a-workin' now, and'll have to spend itself. If it could ha' spent itself on the feyther as did the mischief, why all well an' good, but, you see, he's gone, an' left it to spend itself on his chavi; jist the way with 'em Gorgio feythers an' Romany daddies.