Burn or send bak agane as I did vith you, so till meitting, and ever I rest, Yowre brother to power redy, Restalrige. On August 8, three ministers, Patrick Galloway, John Hall, and Peter Hewatt, were present.

Tim walked back to the fence. In the morning the farm superintendent found on the door-sill a roughly pencilled note which read: "Hav goan bak to the sitty P S chefetun warnted to goe so I tuk him. Tim Doyle." They were ten days on the road, ten delightful days of irresponsible vagabondism. Sometimes Tim rode on Chieftain's back and sometimes he walked beside him.

Then the mother roared out, very angry, "Devil is the name of your sweetheart, and he is black enough." If you cheat old women you will catch the devil. Yeckorus a mush chored a gry and jalled him avree adree a waver tem, and the gry and the mush jalled kushti bak kettenus. Once a man stole a horse and ran him away into another country, and the horse and the man became very intimate.

It struck me that he was indirectly trying to pump me, for he said, "You don't talk like none of us. I reckon you've been on the road." Moreover, when we met he had saluted me thus, "Sarishan Pala. Kushto Bak," and this salutation happens to be Rommany. As we pursued our talk, he inquired, "You rakker Rommanis?"

The long red cloak of the old Gipsy fortune-teller is, however, truly dear to her heart; she feels as if there were luck in it that bak which is ever on Gipsy lips; for to the wanderers, whose home is the roads, and whose living is precarious, Luck becomes a real deity. I have known two old fortune-telling sisters to expend on new red cloaks a sum which seemed to a lady friend very considerable.

However, as I read over from time to time to my Rommany chal what I had written, his delight in actually hearing his own words read from writing, partook of all the pride of successful authorship it was, my dear sir, like your delight over your first proof sheet. Well, this was the letter. A translation will be found following it. THE PANNI GAV, Dec. 16, 1871. MY KAMLI CHAVI, Kushti bak!

He wes convoyit to Berwick be the gaird, conform to the Earle's promes; for he promesit to put him out of Scottis grund: Sua, he keipit an Hielandman's promes, in respect he sent the gaird to convoy him out of Scottis grund; bot yai wer not directit to pairt wt: him, bot to fetche him bak againe.

Yeckorus the matchka jalled to dick her kako's chavo the kanengro. An' there welled a huntingmush, an' the matchka taddied up the choomber, pre durer, pre a rukk, an' odoi she lastered a chillico's nest. But the kanengro prastered alay the choomber, longodurus adree the tem. Wafri bak kairs A choro mush ta jal alay, But it mukks a boro mush To chiv his kokero apre.

If Henry does not hate me anny more after I am ded, ask him to berry a pore girl whose hart beet for him only, and to forgif me, for I did rong to meddle in what didn't consern me. Tak care of his wounds. How much he sufered, pore fellow! I shall have as much corage to kill myself as he had to burn his bak. Carry home the corsets I have finished. And pray God for your daughter. Ida.

Swallowed him in the Thames, without a doubt; for you will notice that the last entry in the book is dated 'London, and is of the same date as the Times, and says, 'Ber confequentz der Kreigeseflarun, reife ich heute nach Deutchland ab, aur bak ich mein leben auf dem Ultar meines Landes legen mag' , as clean native German as anybody can put upon paper, and means that in consequence of the declaration of war, this loyal soul is leaving for home to-day, to fight.