"Avali adusta cheirus I've had to jal dui or trin mees of a Boro Divvus sig' in the sala, to lel ash-wood for the yag. That was when I was a bitti chavo, for my dadas always would keravit. And so we Rommany chals always hatchers an ash yag saw the Boro Divvuses.

Still more important than this equestrian figure of Borrow on Sidi Habismilk is the note on "The English Dialect of the Rommany" hidden away at the end of the second edition of "The Zincali." "'Tachipen if I jaw 'doi, I can lel a bit of tan to hatch: N'etist I shan't puch kekomi wafu gorgies. "The above sentence, dear reader, I heard from the mouth of Mr.

Getting impatient, after nearly a day's march, I asked for the plains. The people turned upon me with surprise, and said: "Lel Ghadames, koul hathe souwa, souwa, All like this to Gadmes."

"Rommanys never lel kaulo matchers adree the ker, 'cause they're mullos, and beng is covvas; and the puro beng, you jin, is kaulo, an' has shtor herros an' dui mushis an' a sherro. But pauno matchers san kushto, for they're sim to pauno ghosts of ranis."

A Gipsy's Letter to his Sister. Drabbing Horses. Fortune Telling. Cock Shys. "Hatch 'em pauli, or he'll lel sar the Covvas!" Two German Gipsy Letters. I shall give in this chapter a few curious illustrations of Gipsy life and character, as shown in a letter, which is illustrated by two specimens in the German Rommany dialect.

And they welled apopli adree the sala and lelled pash sar tacho. And ever sense dovo divvus it's a rakkerben o' the Rommany chals, "Sar tulloben; jal an the sala an' tute shall lel your pash." Three or four years ago one of the Smiths found a great dead pig in a lane. And just as he found it, some Gipsies came by and saw this Rommany.

So they bitchered her for shurabun. I've got kek gry and can't lel no wongur to kin kek. My kamli chavi, if you could bitch me a few bars it would be cammoben. I rikkers my covvas apre mi dumo kenna.

Now it was characteristic of this Gipsy, as of many others, that when interested by a remark or a question, he would reply by bursting into some picture of travel, drawn from memory. So he answered by saying "They hunnelo'd the choro puro mush by pennin' him he mustn't hatch odoi. 'What's tute? he pens to the prastramengro; 'I'll del you thrin bar to lel your chuckko offus an' koor mandy.

Se we lel is the Clatsop and Chinnook name for a Small animal found in the timbered Country on this Coast. it is more abundant in the neighbourhood of the great falls and rapids of the Columbia than imediately on the Coast. the nativs make great use of the Skins of this animal in forming their robes, which they dress with the fur on them and attached together with the sinears of the Elk or Deer.

Some chairuses in her jivaben, she'd lel a bitti nokengro avree my mokto, and when I'd pen, 'Deari juvo, what do you kair dovo for? she pooker mandy, 'It's kushti for my sherro. And so when she mullered mandy never lelled chichi sensus.