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He kissed the hand. "I don't find myself prepared to swear to Meynell's precise 'words' any more than I was to Robert's. But I am ready to fight to prevent his being driven out." "So am I!" said Rose, erect, with her hands behind her. "We want all sorts." "Ye-es," said Rose doubtfully. "I don't think I want Mr. Barron." "Certainly you do!

"Why, ye-es, I don't know but there is. You just give Mr. Stone Cap'n Hammond's compliments and tell him I'm lookin' forward to interviewin' him some time. Just tell him that, will you?" "I'll tell him. Glad to have met you, Captain Hammond." The captain nodded solemnly. "Say, Mr. King," he said, "you ain't half so glad as I am." Mr. Prince strutted into the store.

"And she has that transparent look. It is so lovely. Don't you think so? SHE is one of the White People." He stood very still, looking across the flowers at the group. There was a singular interest and intensity in his expression. He watched the pair silently for a whole minute, I think. "Ye-es," he said, slowly, at last, "I do see what you mean and it IS lovely. I don't seem to know her well.

The church is beau-ti-ful beau-ti-ful! A sonnet in stone! A sculptured prayer! Ye-es! It is so! Permit me to press your hand!" John smiled involuntarily. There was a quaint affectation about the speaker that was quite irresistibly entertaining. "Mr. Julian Adderley is a poet," said Sir Morton, whispering this in a jocose stage aside; "Everything is 'beautiful' to him!" Mr.

The Army prayed for Watty and his clients; then a reformed drunkard started to testify against publicans and all their works. Watty settled himself comfortably, folded his hands, and leaned back and dozed. The fight was over, and the chaps began to drop round to the bar. The man who was saved waved his arms, and danced round and howled. "Ye-es!" he shouted hoarsely.

'Member the snow all white on his eyebrows, Tertius? 'Member when Stalky moved the lamp and it looked as if he was alive?" "Ye-es," said Tertius, with a shudder. "'Member the beastly look on Stalky's face, though, with his nostrils all blown out, same as he used to look when he was bullyin' a fag? That was a lovely evening." "We held a council of war up there over Everett's body.

And who appointed these people to a fixed social position? Did the president make Saxton High Cockalorum of Dress-Suits or something? Why, these are just folks, the same as kings and coal-heavers. There's no army we've got to fight. There's just you and me you and I and if we stick together, then we have all society, we are all society!" "Ye-es, but, Milt dear, I don't want to be an outcast."

"It is really owing to him that it got there soon enough." "And to you for helping me and for telling me in the first place. I think I ought to divide with you." "Why, Nettie Black, you won't do any such thing. Don't you know that it was all on your account that we did it in the first place?" "Ye-es, but after your doing so much it doesn't seem fair for you to have none of it."

We're only schoolmates together, sir in the school of Nature, sir. You know, Mr. Ravenel, all these things about us here are a sort of books, sir." Ravenel smiled and answered very slowly, "Ye-es, sir. Very good reading; worth thirty cents an acre simply as literature."

You said they were all right when you left them, Lesty?" he said to one of the shivering little lads. "Ye-es, sir!" chattered Lesty, eagerly, shaking with nervousness. "They was both all right! Davy wanted to git Billy over to the fence, so if the tide come up!" terror swept him again. "Oh, Mr. Henderson, git 'em git 'em!