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The initiation of Tamino and Papageno into the mysteries, their trials, failures, triumph, and reward, form the contents of the second act. At a conclave of the elect, Sarastro announces that Tamino stands at the door of the Temple of Wisdom, desirous to gaze upon the "great light" of the sanctuary. He prays Isis and Osiris to give strength to the neophytes:

However, people who had not known her father, the wood merchant, saw nothing impossible in the statements. Evariste was dressed as a butler should be dressed when he announces dinner to a person of rank.

Stockmann announces his discovery of the insanitary condition of the Baths. Stockmann finds that he will have to fight vested interests before the evils he has discovered can be remedied, but is assured that the Compact Majority is at his back.

The singers paused immediately, and amidst the breathless silence which ensued, the Archduke John shouted in a loud and powerful voice: "The emperor announces to his dear Viennese that he is determined to submit no longer to the arrogance of France, and that war is irrevocably resolved on." A cry of rapture burst from all lips; all shouted exultingly, "War! war!

Why, it's just as though you asked Ruth to entertain the reapers without Naomi. I'll go and give the orders; but I do hope that it will be calm. Why do you want to go now?" "I'll tell you. Lord Minster has been proposing to me again, and announces his intention of going on doing so till I accept him.

When a savant announces a purely speculative discovery to the public he cannot act with too much prudence. No one is obliged to discover either a comet or a satellite, and those who make a mistake in such a case expose themselves justly to public ridicule.

For an hour or so we watched 'em feelin' for us, gettin' a bit nearer, reachin' and swingin', with the Agnes strainin' herself to slip away, but losin' a little of her lead every minute. Must have been near ten o'clock when Rupert announces cheerful: "By George! She's falling behind. Those searchlights are getting dimmer." "I believe you're right," says Old Hickory.

Every one roared with laughter until it came to the verse of which he was the victim, when suddenly he found the fun rather labored! The first verse was spoken by Loveday, who announces that the "Governor" has a new play which is "Wonderful!" a great word of Loveday's. George Alexander replies: "But I say, Loveday, have I got a part in it, That I can wear a cloak in and look smart in it?

"Johnnie he don't like to put no more in writin' that's apt to pass from hand to hand than he's obleeged to.... Mandy, looks like we better start for home." "What d'you s'pose it kin be?" Mandy asked, already busy laying clothing in their canvas telescope. "Mostly telegrams announces death or sickness."

The Arabian side, on the contrary, presents nothing but black precipitous rocks, which throw their lengthened shadow over waters of the Dead Sea. The smallest bird of heaven would not find among these crags a single blade of grass for its sustenance; every thing announces the country of a reprobate people, and well fitted to perpetuate the punishment denounced against Ammon and Moab.