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"Grant me those premises," he would say, while the silence in the kirk could be felt, "and I will show to any reasonable and unprejudiced person that those new theories are nothing but a resuscitated and unjustifiable Pelagianism." Such passages produced a lasting impression in the parish, and once goaded Drumsheugh's Saunders into voluntary speech. "Yon wes worth ca'in' a sermon.

Another thing which was attracting attention was Saunders's new automobile, which had been driven up from Atlanta by the agent who had sold it. It stood in the roadway near the arbor, and was admired by all who passed it. Saunders himself had been busy all day helping place the seats and arrange the program. While he was thus engaged Dolly and her mother and Ann arrived.

She and her escort both stopped, laughing with that nervous apprehension that seizes their class at the appearance of the unexpected. "Miss Saunders," said Susan quickly, "will you tell Mrs. Fox that my headache is much worse. I'm afraid I'd better go straight home " "Oh, too bad!" Miss Saunders said, her round, pale, rather unwholesome face, expressing proper regret.

Grant hesitated, circling erratically with his victim close to the steps. "All right, no killum teachum lesson, though. Viney heap bueno squaw heap likum Viney. No likum dog, though. Dog all time come along me." He glanced up, passed over the fact that Miss Georgie Howard was watching him and clapping her hands enthusiastically at the spectacle, and settled an unfriendly stare upon Saunders.

These gentlemen were Scotchmen, and although persons of that nationality have the reputation of keeping a very tight hand upon the bawbees, I am bound to say that they treated Gurney, Saunders, and myself with a liberality, not to say generosity, that left nothing to be desired, although of course we had no claim on them.

Saunders ran to the door and fumbled with the bolts. The key was stiff in the lock. "Hurry!" shouted Eustace; "the whole place is ablaze!" The key turned in the lock at last. For half a second Saunders stopped to look back.

"Well," said Mark, "I have an excellent witness for the defense, in one James Saunders, detective." "You have," answered Saunders, "but not at the inquest; for if James Saunders, detective, shows his hand then, he will not live to testify at the trial, where his testimony, sprung as a surprise, might be useful." "You mean that they would "

It reminds me of an occasion on which I was climbing with a famous rock climber. My companion on the rope kept addressing me at critical moments by the name of Saunders. My name, I rejoice to say, is not Saunders, and he knew it was not Saunders, but he had to call me something, and in the excitement of the moment could think of nothing but Saunders.

Such cases occurred at Quebec in 1759, where Saunders took his covering battle-squadron right up the St.

"I wish I could help you," Saunders said again, "but I don't see what I can do." "I don't either." The old man sighed heavily as he got up. "Everybody tells me I am a fool to cry over spilt milk when even the law won't back me; but I'm getting close to the end, and somehow I can't put my mind on anything else." He laid his disengaged hand on Saunders's shoulder almost with the touch of a parent.

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