His dress was complete: shirt, leggins, moccasins, head-dress, necklace, belt, robe, medicine-bag, tobacco sack, pipe, quiver, bow, knife, lance, shield, tomahawk and war-club. And as he proudly stood erect, waiting, he made a splendid sight. His shirt was mountain-sheep skins, one before, one behind, sewed together at their edges.

Not so much as I was learning now, here in the open, with this sweet savage woman whose leggins tinkled as she rode, whose tunic swelled softly, whose jaw was clean and brown. How weak the precepts of the social covenant seemed. How feeble and far away the old world we too had known.

This is usually taken from the crown of the head, of a small circular size; sometimes however they take the whole integuments of the skull, with which they ornament their war jackets and leggins, or twist into a brush for the purpose of keeping off the mosquitoes.

As he moved against the coloured screen of the leaves something of the beauty of the desolate landscape showed in his face the look of almost autumnal sadness that one finds, occasionally, in the eyes of the imaginative rustic. He wore a pair of sheepskin leggins into which the ends of his corduroy trousers were stuffed slightly below the knees.

"It was your whistling back there that scared up that dog see if you can whistle a patch onto my leggins," Phil suggested when they were once more surrounded by open fields. Jerry did not answer, for just ahead of them the road forked and he was trying to remember which turn it was one took to get to the bridge.

Bobbin for tying the Cord. A Pair of Obstetrical Leggins. A small jar of White Vaselin. A cake of Castile Soap. A two-ounce Medicine Glass. A Medicine Dropper. A bent glass Drinking Tube. The following articles should be in the house, ready for use. An ample supply of Towels, Sheets, and Gowns. A new Hand-Brush; the cheap variety with wooden back and stiff bristles is preferable.

Their dress was the modern dress of the Northern Indians, supplied by the Hudson's Bay Company, of bright colors and fine texture. But what most engaged our attention was the figure of the fifteenth occupant of the canoe, who acted as steersman. He was evidently a very old man, and instead of being dressed in blankets, had on a mantle of woven rushes, and leggins of wolf-skin.

They were the flower of the Willamette youth, every one of royal birth, handsome in shape and limb, fleet-footed as the deer. They were slender and sinewy in build, with aquiline features and sharp searching eyes. Their garb was light. Leggins and moccasins had been laid aside; even the hiagua shells were stripped from their ears.

They were fine-looking fellows, with high aquiline features, the prominent cheek-bones and copper complexion of the red race, and a bold, martial, trooper-like expression, which was not without its wild good-humor and gayety. One was dressed in a white woollen hunting-shirt belted around the waist, white woollen trousers or drawers reaching to the knee, and deerskin leggins and moccasins.

Having smoked, the Doctor goes to the teepee of the patient, takes a seat at some distance from him, divests himself of coat or blanket, and pulls his leggins to his ankles. He then calls for a gourd, which has been suitably prepared, by drying and putting small beads or gravel stones in it, to make a rattling noise.