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Swinburne in the minds of those who do not understand him, in their minds, for in the flesh the type is not found. Moreover, she resents modernness of every kind, including the steam-engine, the electric telegraph, the continent of North America, and myself.

You may be aware that Swinburne, in '88, wrote for one of the monthly reviews a criticism of the 'Ten O'Clock' lecture. He paid courtly compliments to Whistler as a painter, but joined issue with his theories.

The peculiar felicity of description and style with which this author paints manners, render these travels, as well as his others, extremely interesting. Observations on Mount Vesuvius, Mount Etna, and other Volcanoes. By Sir W. Hamilton. Naples, 1776. 2 vols. folio. London, 1772. 8vo. Travels in the Two Sicilies. By H. Swinburne, 1790. 4 vols. 8vo.

"What, Swinburne!" said I, shaking him by the hand, for I was delighted to see him, "is it you?" "Why, Mr Simple! Well, then, I expect that I'm right, and that Mr O'Brien is made, and commands this craft. When you meet the pilot-fish, the shark arn't far off, you know." "You're very right, Swinburne," said I, "in all except calling Captain O'Brien a shark. He's no shark."

It was a mystery inherent in the richly-laden atmosphere of The Pines.... While I stood talking to Watts-Dunton talking as loudly as he, for he was very deaf I enjoyed the thrill of suspense in watching the door through which would appear Swinburne. I asked after Mr. Swinburne's health. Watts-Dunton said it was very good: 'He always goes out for his long walk in the morning wonderfully active.

Swinburne reported that the brig was standing in for us, and I felt that in justice to the wounded I could no longer delay. Still I found time to press her hand, to thank her for the purse she had given me when I was on the stilts, and to tell her that I had never forgotten her, and never would.

Where? entreated Swinburne, adding that he had supposed it to be the sole copy extant. I floundered. I wildly said I thought I must have read it years ago in the Bodleian. 'Theodore! Do you hear this? It seems that they have now a copy of "The Country Wench" in the Bodleian! Mr. Beerbohm found one there oh when? in what year? he appealed to me.

I reflected upon what had passed, and felt convinced that Swinburne was right in saying that it was better this had occurred than otherwise. I now knew the ground which I stood upon; and forewarned was being forearmed.

"Mr Webster," said O'Brien, "remember that all the foremost guns must be very much depressed. I prefer that the shot should strike the water before it reaches them, rather than it should go over them. See that your screws are run up at once, and I will take care that no broadside is thrown away. Starboard, Swinburne." "Starboard it is, sir."

"Shame!" was cried out by one or two of the officers, and I recognised Swinburne's voice as one. "More likely if they put on yours," cried I, in a loud indignant tone. Everybody started, and turned round; Captain Hawkins staggered to a carronade: "I beg to report myself as having rejoined my ship, sir," continued I. "Hurrah, my lads! three cheers for Mr Simple," said Swinburne.