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"Was the man who deserted you the man who deliberately strained my boy's arm by twisting it?" Sir Roland asked. "Yes." "What is his name?" "Gastrell Hugesson Gastrell, that's the name the brute is known by. He always was a blackguard a perisher! I shall refuse to betray any of the others; they are my friends. But Hugesson Gastrell don't forget that name, Sir Roland.

Walter Fetherston grew much perturbed at the knowledge of this quarrel between the pair. His sole aim was to protect Sir Hugh, yet how to act he knew not. "You did not actually hear any of the words spoken, I suppose?" he inquired of Enid. "Not exactly, except that I heard my stepfather denounce the doctor as an infernal cur and blackguard." "Well, and what did Weirmarsh reply?"

He omits an oath very common among Irish labourers, which much puzzled me when a boy, 'bloodunoons, meaning the bleeding wounds of the Saviour. How thankful ought we to be that, in our days, profane swearing stamps, upon any one who uses it, the character of a blackguard. Out of public view obscure, contemptible. See Imperial Dictionary. Ed.

Georges, you see that bookmaker down there, a great red-faced man with curly hair? He's got a dirty blackguard expression which I like. You're to go and choose Oh, I say, what can one choose?" "I'm not a patriotic soul oh dear, no!" La Faloise blurted out. "I'm all for the Englishman. It will be ripping if the Englishman gains! The French may go to Jericho!" Nana was scandalized.

There is great force in that appeal to the "large bust." Here is a request which Bishop Thorold received from an admirer, who unfortunately omitted to give his address: "Rev. and learned Sir, Coming into your presence through the medium of a letter, I do so in the spirit of respect due to you as a gentleman and a scholar. I unfortunately am a scholar, but a blackguard.

Said Shaykh Ibrahim, "Welcome to the blackguard, the robber, the dicer! Let us see thy fish." So the Caliph showed them his catch and behold, the fishes were still alive and jumping, whereupon the damsel exclaimed, "By Allah! O my lord, these are indeed fine fish: would they were fried!" and Shaykh Ibrahim rejoined, "By Allah, O my lady, thou art right."

"You never hear of two people getting into trouble with these here customers, and while he was going for this blackguard ghost in the name of the Lord, I could keep my weather eye lifting for trouble. 'Tis a matter for common sense and keeping your nerve, in my opinion, and we don't want another death on our hands, I suppose.

Verbal wit had amused the multitude long enough, and they became more practical in their recreation. Every youth on the town was seized with the fierce desire of distinguishing himself, by knocking down the "charlies," being locked up all night in a watchhouse, or kicking up a row among loose women and blackguard men in the low dens of St. Giles's.

'I 'll tell you what, said Laxley, 'I never soil my hands with a blackguard; and a fellow who tries to make fun of Scripture, in my opinion is one. A blackguard do you hear? But, if you'll give me satisfactory proofs that you really are what I have some difficulty in believing the son of a gentleman I 'll meet you when and where you please. 'Fight him, anyhow, said Harry.

"I should think it must be an attack on the temper," said the Curate, who, now that it was all over, felt that it was but just his aunt Leonora should suffer a little for her treatment of him. "Perhaps some of her favourite colporteurs have fallen back into evil ways. There was one who had been a terrible blackguard, I remember.

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