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The position, even if not as uncommon as I suppose, is curious enough to justify a few words of description. I saw Elsa first as she was rolling down a hill, with a scandalized governess in full chase. Elsa rolled quickly, marking her progress by triumphant cries.

The Christianized Moor fell back a step, his face paling under its copper skin to a sickly grey. In the background, the hindmost members of the retreating clerical procession turned and stood at gaze, angered and scandalized by what they heard, which was indeed a thing beyond belief. "Ah no, my lord! Ah no!" Don Zuleyman was faltering. "Not that!"

The result was not foreseen not intended but they became as man and wife without having wedded. Colonial society was scandalized, yet the baronet loved the girl sincerely and could not be persuaded to part from her.

For their behavior to each other scandalized no observer not even the foreign maid, warranted against sea-sickness; nor Grandcourt's own experienced valet: still less the picturesque crew, who regarded them as a model couple in high life. Their companionship consisted chiefly in a well-bred silence.

Then, without giving him time to reply, she raised her eyes to his face, and plunged into the subject of the croquet again, pursuing it until the final moment of his exit and departure, which was when Mrs. Burnham and Miss Pilcher had been scandalized at the easy freedom of her adieus. When Mr. Francis Barold called to pay his respects to Lady Theobald, after partaking of her hospitality, Mr.

"If your friend wants to ask an explanation of anybody it is of you, for you took some kirsch of 1765 for water." "I really believe that I was the drunker of the two," interrupted Octave, with a vivacity which concealed a certain embarrassment; "we must have terribly scandalized Monsieur de Camier, who has but a poor opinion of Parisian heads and stomachs."

I go by the swift-sailin' and palatial mail-boat New Light, and I don't run no opposition line, nor bust my bilers tryin' to beat my neighbors into the heavenly port." Brother Goshorn looked vexed. Brother Hall was scandalized at the lightness of Jonas's conversation.

It says man-servant, maid-servant, cattle, stranger within thy gates, but nothing at all about mothers, though, because they positively have to," said Ethelwyn, after a profound season of thought in the hammock. "When our mother rests, she darns stockings," said Beth, who was dressing her doll near by. "Not on Sunday, child!" said Ethelwyn scandalized. "Well nobody said she did, I guess.

The baronet wondered whether Victor Carrington's manner impressed others as it impressed himself. One person had, he knew, been scandalized by the surgeon's devotion to Lady Eversleigh; and had spoken of it in the plainest terms. But did other eyes see as Lydia Graham and he himself had seen?

She yawned. "There now, I love you." "Henry, I am awfully sorry." "And pray why?" he asked, and looked at her so sternly that she feared he was ill. He seemed more scandalized than the facts demanded. "To have brought this down on you." "Pray don't apologize." The voice continued. "Why does she call you 'Hen'?" said Margaret innocently. "Has she ever seen you before?"

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