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Nugent, and, patting that perturbed man on the back, surveyed him with eyes glistening with approval. "It's a bit rough on Teddy, isn't it?" inquired Mr. Nugent, anxiously; "besides " "Don't you worry about 'im," said Mr. Kybird, affectionately. "He ain't worth it." "I wasn't," said Mr. Nugent, truthfully. The situation had developed so rapidly that it had caught him at a disadvantage.

Extremely perturbed, the guests and the host, not knowing what to do, drew Klimov aside and began begging him not to get up a scandal. Astonished feminine countenances appeared in the doorway. . . . The jeune premier turned round, said a few words, and with an air of being unable to remain in a house where he was insulted, took his cap and made off without saying good-bye.

Sedgett replied, staring, that he was a Tory, and Algernon nodded again, but with brows perturbed at the thought of this ruffian being of the same political persuasion as himself. "Eh?" cried Sedgett; "I don't want any of your hustings pledges, though. You'll be at the door tomorrow, or I'll have a row mind that. A bargain's a bargain. I like the young woman, but I must have the money.

Toff made a great deal of the matter, and the ladies at Cross Hall were not without a certain perturbed interest as though in a mystery. It was first told to Lady Sarah, for Mrs. Toff was quite aware of the position of things, and knew that the old Marchioness herself was not to be regarded as being on their side. "Yes, my Lady, it's quite true," said Mrs. Toff.

He moved nearer, looking down compassionately on her perturbed face and struggling lips. She lay silent a moment; then she faltered out: "B because I'm so unhappy!" The pretense of indifference was swept away by a gush of childish sobs as she flung over on her side and buried her face in the embroidered pillows. Amherst, bending down, laid a quieting hand on her shoulder. "Bessy " She sobbed on.

Ballin ran a perturbed but deft eye through them, while Forrest stood motionless, more like a shadow than a man. Then, presently, Ballin looked up with a stanch, honorable look. "I pick no flaws here cousin," he said. "I I congratulate you." "Cousin," said Forrest, "it has been my business in life to see others take their medicine. But I have never seen so great a pill swallowed so calmly.

He had stopped, leaning against a fence round a field, near the gate of the chalet. He dared not enter. And, even more perturbed than he, she smiled, and said in a low voice: "Come...." At last he made up his mind and rang the bell. Already she was at the door, and she opened it. His eyes looked at her like the eyes of a faithful dog, who is afraid of being beaten.

For words of love came haltingly to his unskilled tongue, though they came from a surcharged heart, and to him the strategy of love was as a sealed book, at whose contents he could but guess, and that with a diffidence and distrust sadly handicapping to one who had urgent need of expedition in his courting. With a rueful smile and a perturbed heart he pondered his problem.

But the fire was still bright and cheery; so he popped the extinguisher on the socket, and almost at the same time there came a tap at his door, and a sort of crescendo "hush-sh-sh!" Once more my uncle was sitting up, scared and perturbed, in his bed.

In the midst of which futile quest a change of tempo in the motor's impatient drumming surprised him. Startled, he looked up. Too late: the girl was in the seat, the car in motion already some yards from the point at which he had left it. Dismayed, he strode forward, raising his voice in perturbed expostulation. "But I say !"

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