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I saw men melt under his words like wax; I saw wild young fellows subdued into quietude; I saw unwise old men set to thinking. "Man, man," he'd say, lapsing in his earnestness into the broad Scotch accent of his youth, "you canna' mean plunder, and destruction, and riot! You canna! Not in this neighbourhood!" "What about Old Toombs?" shouted one of the boys.

However, King Edward was unwise enough to quarrel with this high and mighty earl, who thereupon went over to the queen's party, and actually restored the poor, weak-minded King Henry the Sixth to the throne; on which Edward went over to Holland to get assistance of the Duke of Burgundy, his brother-in-law, who placed an army of foreigners at his command, with which he came back to England, and being joined by many of his partisans, a great battle was fought, in which the Earl of Warwick was slain.

Once Ulrich, without listening, heard Moor through the open door of the school-room, represent to her, that it was unwise to reject a suitor like the baron; he was a noble, high-minded gentleman and his love beyond question. Her answer was long in coming; at last she rose, saying in an agitated voice: "We know each other, Master; I know your kind intentions. And yet, yet!

CLAIRE slips in ahead of him, locks it, takes the key. DICK: Claire darling, I wish you wouldn't say those startling things. You do get away with it, but I confess it gives me a shock and really, it's unwise. CLAIRE: Haven't you learned that the best place to hide is in the truth? HARRY: Claire, it's selfish of you to keep us from eating salt just because you don't eat salt.

It is as impossible as it would be unwise to conceal from ourselves the fact that all the Continental nations look upon our present peace as but transitory, momentary; and on the Crimean war as but the prologue to a fearful drama all the more fearful because none knows its purpose, its plot, which character will be assumed by any given actor, and, least of all, the denouement of the whole.

"Let it be as unwise," said I, "as it will " "Or as the duke is," put in Gustave, with a knowing twinkle in his eye. "Yet it is a plan as delightful " "As the duchess is," said Gustave. And so, for all the excellent reasons which may be collected from the foregoing conversation, and if carefully tabulated they would, I am persuaded, prove as numerous as weighty, I went.

But, upon my word, she seems as little subdued as if as if she were a princess." "Do you remember," put in the unwise Miss Amelia, "what she said to you that day in the schoolroom about what you would do if you found out that she was " "No, I don't," said Miss Minchin. "Don't talk nonsense." But she remembered very clearly indeed.

So my recital did not take me long. The gleam was still in Cadillac's eyes. "And, you think the western tribes would follow you now?" "They would have followed me a week ago." He heard something sinister in my reply. "You could have wiped out that Seneca camp," he meditated. "Yes, it could have been done." He gave me a look. "The Malhominis wished it?" "Yes." "And you thought it unwise?"

The cases of those who are unprepared at a recitation ought by no means to be passed by unnoticed, although it would be unwise to spend much time in examining each in detail. "It is not of much consequence," the teacher might say, "whether you have good excuses or bad, so long as you are not prepared.

Her mother had defended her own wicked love-affair, with all the violence of a selfish woman; and in his panic of apprehension, poor little Elizabeth's defense of Blair seemed to be of the same nature. He was so worried over it that he was moved to do a very unwise thing. He would, he said to himself, put Mrs. Maitland on her guard about this nonsense between the two children.