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The girl did so at once, but the men above flashed a light into the basement room, and soon steps were heard descending the stairs. Dyke felt over his person to discover that Mother Scarlet had been prudent enough to deprive him of arms. Nell, white as death, yet with a determined look in her eyes, clinched her derringer firmly, and with close-shut teeth waited the denouement.

"But why?" she asked with assumed carelessness. "Because he is not at a certain woman's feet, she has joined herself with black Delrose, his enemy of years, is my surmise, and I think the denouement will prove me correct." "Poor dear uncle; his life is not an idyl."

Yet this want of movement is so admirably concealed by the most varied display of the fascinations of poetry, and the exhilaration of mirth, the details of the execution are so very attractive, that it requires no small degree of attention to perceive that the denouement is, in some degree, anticipated in the exposition.

And then, "Good-night, dear brother," Charteris added, sweetly, as he left the room. And Rudolph Musgrave could not quite believe in the actuality of what had just happened. In common with most of us, he got his general notions concerning the laws of life from reading fiction; and here was the material for a Renaissance tragedy wasted so far as any dénouement went.

The flickering rays shed by the blue flames of a crackling fire were therefore the sole light of this sombre chamber, where the denouement of a drama was just ending. A log suddenly rolled from the fire onto the floor, as if presaging some catastrophe. At the sound of it the sick woman quickly rose to a sitting posture.

"What I didn't hear of it myself, Emily told me afterward, for we are very confidential. "The whole house was intensely interested in the dénouement. Rodney sat stolidly at his table, crunching his food, gazing reproachfully and adoringly at Emily's proudly lifted head. Emily, for all her unconsciousness of physical necessity, lost her appetite, and grew pale.

I looked upon her incredulously, while that gracious woman took one hand from her husband long enough to extend to me her greeting. Thoroughly perplexed by this most unlooked for denouement, I asked: "Who, then, is this?" "This chit," he replied, walking round the table, happy as a boy, and almost lifting her bodily, "this is Madame's little sister, Charlotte.

There is no want of action or bustle in it; on the contrary, it abounds in incidents: but they are, for the most part, puerile. As in our own Othello, a pocket handkerchief leads to the dénouement, reminding one of the truth of the verse, "What great events from trivial causes spring!"

The whimsical light in the pain-reddened eyes burned to mockery now. It showed the hippogriff, the "hot tamale", still there. Evidently eccentricity wasn't all dead. "Humph! By Jove! I'm having some fun out of my broken knee, after all electrifying you girls," gurgled the still racked voice. "Dramatic setting for a denouement, too, the old Man Killer trail!" "But why oh! why-y did you do it?"

A 'trompeur trompeur et demi' is prettily said; and, if you please, you may call 'Varon, un Normand', and 'Sostrate, un Manceau, qui vaut un Normand et demi'; and, considering the 'denouement' in the light of trick upon trick, it would undoubtedly be below the dignity of the buskin, and fitter for the sock. But let us see if we cannot bring off the author.