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The batteries of Point Lévis and the guns of Saunders' ships redoubled their efforts. Amid the roar of the fierce artillery, served with an activity not surpassed during the whole siege, Montcalm, booted and spurred, with his black charger saddled at the door, awaited some night attack.

It was not only that Noufflard was very well and widely informed about the artistic treasures of Italy and the places where they were to be found, but his opinions enriched my mind, inasmuch as they spurred me on to contradiction or surprised me and won my adherence. Fresh as Julius Lange's artistic sense had been, there was nevertheless something doctrinaire and academic about it.

Fox quoted history and the classics, with plenty more that was not above the heads of the booted and spurred country squires. And thus, for the third time, he earned the gratitude of his gracious Majesty. "Well, Richard," said he, slipping his arm through mine as we came out into Parliament Street, "I promised you some sport. Have you enjoyed it?" I was forced to admit that I had.

In a large arm-chair, upon the middle table, sat one of those distinguished individuals, known among German students as a Senior, or Leader of a Landsmannschaft. He was booted and spurred, and wore a very small crimson cap, and a very tight blue jacket, and very long hair, and a very dirty shirt.

"I suppose you haven't, either?" Mrs. Appleyard, thus spurred to reminiscence, recovered something of her customary loquaciousness. "No, to be sure I haven't," she answered. "But I've heard things, and I wish eh, I do wish! that I'd warned him! I ought to ha' done." "What about?" asked Brent. "And what things?" The landlady hesitated a little, shaking her head. "Well, you know, Mr.

When the chase had been continued for about four miles, and the horses began to show signs of exhaustion, the pace of the giraffes was also observed to have become slower. They, also, were distressed by the rate at which they had been moving. "One of them is mine," shouted Willem, as he spurred forward in a final charge.

Sir Perceval spurred towards the band of knights, and in a loud voice called on them to release their captive. 'Who art thou? they cried. 'I am a knight of the Pendragon of these islands, King Arthur, answered Perceval, 'and thy captive is my friend, Sir Bors of Brittany. 'Ha! ha! the others laughed, and spurred furiously towards him. 'Slay him! they shouted. 'We own no Arthur here.

Plectropterus gambensis, spurred wings of. Ploceus. Plovers, wing-spurs of; double moult in. Plumage, changes of, inheritance of, by fowls; tendency to analogous variation in; display of, by male birds; changes of, in relation to season; immature, of birds; colour of, in relation to protection. Plumes on the head in birds, difference of, in the sexes. Pneumora, structure of.

As Postumius was drawing up his men and encouraging them in the first line, Tarquinius Superbus, though now enfeebled by age, spurred on his horse with great fury to attack him; but being wounded in the side, he was carried off by a party of his own men to a place of safety.

At the same moment, Sir Marmaduke Nevile and the Lord Fitzhugh spurred from the opposite line; and thus encouraged, the band on either side came boldly forward, and the melee grew fierce and general. But still Richard's sword singled out the earl, and still the earl, parrying his blows, dealt his own upon meaner heads.