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We have since found out the reason." The archdukes being unable, accordingly, to obtain for the truce those specious conditions which Spain had originally pretended to yield, it was the opinion of the old diplomatist that the king should be permitted to wear the paste substitutes about which so many idle words had been wasted.

During the latter half of this century all the phenomena have been described for us by Sir William Hamilton, British ambassador at the Court of the Two Sicilies, the versatile diplomatist who eventually married the beautiful but frail Emma Hart.

And now Vivian, having succeeded in exciting Cleveland's curiosity and securing himself the certainty of a hearing, and having also made a favourable impression, dropped the diplomatist altogether, and was explicit enough for a Spartan. "Certain Noblemen and Gentlemen of eminence and influence, hitherto considered as props of the party, are about to take a novel and decided course next Session.

She laughed a little at herself as she stretched out her hand for a new volume of French poems dedicated to her by their accomplished writer, who was a Parisian diplomatist.

The wily Italian listened with profound attention to the wise saws in which the excellent diplomatist revelled, and his fine eyes often filled with tears at the Doctor's rhetoric. Three interviews each three mortal hours long did the two indulge in at Ghent, and never, was high-commissioner better satisfied with himself than was John Rogers upon those occasions.

The diplomatist Thornton said of the President, that if his "circumspection is accompanied by discernment and penetration, as I am informed it is, and as I should be inclined to believe from the judicious choice he has generally made of persons to fill public stations, he possesses the two great requisites of a statesman, the faculty of concealing his own sentiments and of discovering those of other men."

Count William I. of Hainault, Holland, and Zealand was Edward III.'s father-in-law, and, during the last months of his strenuous career, he welcomed Bishop Burghersh, Edward's chief diplomatist, to his favourite residence of Valenciennes, where from April, 1337, the English ambassadors kept great state, "sparing as little as if the king were present there in his own person," and striving with all their might to build up an alliance with the princes of the Low Countries.

An evil-speaking old diplomatist had once said that he remembered Baron Volterra as a pawn-broking dealer in antiquities, in Florence, thirty years earlier; there was probably no truth in the story, but after Volterra was elected a Senator of the Kingdom, a member of the opposition had alluded to it with piquant irony and the result had been the exchange of several bullets at forty paces, whereby honour was satisfied without bloodshed.

Shall I find you one? What do you think of that pretty girl in pink?" "I see her but I cannot think of her." "You are rather, perhaps, like a diplomatist in a new court, and your first object is to know who is who." "I confess that on beginning to study the history of my own day I should like to distinguish the portraits that illustrate the memoir."

"Besides," he added deliberately, glancing at the Duchessa from the corner of his eyes, "he has a son." Corona started very slightly. "Why should there be a duel?" she asked. "It was your husband who suggested the idea," returned the diplomatist. "But you said there was nothing ridiculous in it," objected the Duchessa.