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"Nothing but this: that the excessive contraction of the bicipital muscles had brought the features into such forcible contact with the bars as to cause bruising and actual abrasion. He must have been dead some little time when you found him." "And nothing else? You noticed nothing else in his face a sort of obliteration of what makes one human, I mean?"

The Contraction took one of his sons away. And now he wants the hyperdrive as much as I do. Alan glanced at the stiff, erect figure of his father as they clambered out of the copter and headed at a fast clip toward the Administration Building of the Enclave. He wondered just how much pain and anguish his father was keeping hidden back of that brisk, efficient exterior.

Sigismund Alvan's wife shall take the foremost place of all. Look at me. He lifted his head to the highest on his shoulders, widening his eagle eyes. He was now thoroughly restored and in his own upper element, expansive after the humiliating contraction of his man's vanity under the glances of a girl. 'Do you take me for one who could be content with the part of second?

I made my traps by placing four sticks of a length suited to the size desired so as to form a square, and building up on them in log-cabin fashion until the structure came almost to a point by contraction of the corners.

These parts gradually becoming collected around condensed centres have formed what we know as the atoms of elements, the atom thus becoming like an extinct sun of the solar system. From this point of view the radio-active atoms represent an intermediate stage between nebulae and chemical atoms, the process of contraction giving rise to the heat emissions.

"Surely, Sir, you are hardly recovered enough to enter on matters of business yet?" "I am quite recovered enough. I want some present interest to occupy me. My thoughts are beginning to drift back to past times, and to things which are better forgotten." A sudden contraction crossed his livid face. He looked hard at his son, and entered abruptly on a new question.

The one fault a grave one to a critical eye is the meaningless and inappropriate block inserted between the capital and the horizontal beam which it is the function of the column to support. It is much less admirable, the contraction of the capital toward the top producing an unpleasant effect.

Bleeding piles are caused by congestion of the rectal blood vessels. The constant nerve irritation causes muscular contraction, consequently circulation is interfered with, producing a condition of engorgement. Owing to lack of nutrition the structures become brittle and quantities of the varicosed capillaries unite to form pile tumors. The only rational plan is to remove the cause.

Of the relations which the cerebellum sustains to the cerebrum and to the different parts of the body, the following view is quite generally held: In the development of secondary reflexes, as already described, conditions are established in the cerebellum, such that given stimuli may act reflexively through it and produce definite results in the way of muscular contraction.

One set of nerves causes contraction of the muscular fibers of the uterus, while the other set transmits impulses which bring about its vascular engorgement; and they are probably concerned in bringing about the determination of blood to the uterus and its appendages, which is so marked a feature of the menstrual process.

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