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In the moment when the first fold of the clod-mantle, that trails about us all at the last, fell protectingly over her, I was in that condition of superlative misery that cries out for something to the very welkin that sends down such harsh hardness; and I hurried my eyes out of the open grave, only to find them again arrested by the same soul that had stood beside Doctor Percival and Alice in her death.

Aunt Camilla wrote with pensive pauses of reflection, and Lucina knitted until her stent was finished. Then she folded up the garter neatly, quilted in the needles as she had been taught, and placed it in her little bag. Then she took up her doll protectingly and soothingly, and held her in her lap, with the great china head against her small bosom.

"It'll jus' hole her." The bacon rind was nearly rubbed dry by this time, but the pan, heated by sitting so long in the sun, drew out all the grease that remained. It took the united strength of both boys to get Ivy to the top of the shed, but at last she was seated, with John Jay just behind her on his little board, his legs thrown protectingly around the pan.

Spike's left arm went up expertly to guard his face from the rush, but came down when he recognized his assailant. Wilbur turned again to Winona. "But where's he?" he asked. "Where's the main squeeze?" Winona looked proudly at Spike Brennon. "I'm him," said Spike. "He's him," said Winona, and laid an arm protectingly across his shoulder. "You wild little son of a gun!"

Discouraged animals were down constantly, and no foot-passenger, even with rubber boots, ventured off the planks that led from house to house. To avoid a splashing team, Dextry pulled his companion close in against the entrance to the Northern saloon, standing before her protectingly.

Don't you know if anything happens to you it'll " He paused, and Nan wondered if he meant to say, "It will break my heart!" and scarcely felt the pain of it, she was so tense with misery for them both. Tira leaned out again and seemed to bend even protectingly toward them. She smiled at them, and the softening of her face was exquisite. "I ain't in danger," she said. "I've said things to him.

Joy and I can watch until two o'clock, then we'll waken you." The girls caught the thrill of the night watch and almost hoped a thief might come so they could capture him. "Someone may try to kidnap Bet, if he thinks she has the fan on her," suggested Kit. "If he does, Bet, he'll have to kidnap all four girls, for we'll stand by you!" Joy put her arms protectingly around Bet.

But you said to-night that you would not be afraid of him, under any circumstances, and that gives me who am so much afraid of him courage to tell only you. Hold me! Stay with me! I am too frightened to be left by myself. The lustrous gipsy-face drooped over the clinging arms and bosom, and the wild black hair fell down protectingly over the childish form.

You know she is going to study interior decorating when she grows up aren't you, Polly?" said Anne, placing an arm protectingly about the girl's shoulders and moving towards the chamber. Polly brightened up at once, for she remembered the sofa that Anne had praised as having made a fine bed, and then there were the gorgeous bronzed shades that darkened the windows!

It was some little time later when Seaforth came very softly into the room, and stopped with a little gasp. He could just see his comrade's face, and it was still and serene, but there was a gleam of red-gold hair beside it on the coverlet, and now a shapely arm was flung protectingly about the sick man's shoulder.

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