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"I doubt I'd better fetch the doctor up." "You'd better try!" says she, getting up and looking about for dry clothes to put on. "As if you'd no better to do with your money!" Axel goes back to his work, and 'tis but little he gets done, but makes a bit of noise with planing and hammering, so she can hear. At last he gets the window wedged in, and stops the frame all round with moss.

The stove foundries produced nearly 35,000 stoves, with the attendant hardware and stove furniture; requiring nearly 10,000 tons of metal, and 4,000 tons of coal and coke, and giving employment to about five hundred persons. The planing mills and wooden ware manufactures give direct employment to six hundred and fifty persons, and the year's business exceeded a million dollars.

He passed the night in planing and fitting Pierrette's coffin, and more than once his plane took off at a single pass a ribbon of wood which was wet with tears. The good man Frappier smoked his pipe and watched him silently, saying only, when the four pieces were joined together, "Make the cover to slide; her poor grandmother will not hear the nails."

With you he uses a vise to hold the board or stick he is planing; here he uses his bare toes. With you he pushes the saw or, especially, the plane away from him to cut or to smooth a piece of wood, but in Topsy-turvy Land he pulls his tools towards him. Buttons are on the button-hole side and the holes are where you put the buttons.

Mother is planing a big Wedding, and I found Sis in the store room yesterday looking up mother's wedding veil. No old stuff for me. I guess Beresford is trying to forget that he kissed my hand the other night, for he called me "Little Miss Barbara" today, meaning little in the sense of young. I gave him a stern glanse. "I am not any littler than the other night," I observed.

Fire added to the terror of the flood when Wishart's planing mill, on Railroad Street, was discovered to be in flames Tuesday afternoon. The steamers of the fire companies could not be taken close enough to pump water from the swollen Shenango.

His resignation was accepted, for at midnight he was roused from his contemplations by the sounds of sawing, planing, hammering, nailing, and the songs of happy work-men. Looking up he perceived his friends of the iron mountains; who, all saluting him, cried out, "Prince, set your heart at rest, for we are come to repay you for your hospitable feast."

Most of the tools with which he began business in Manchester were made by his own hands in his father's little workshop at Edinburgh, He was on one occasion "hard up" for brass with which to make a wheel for his planing machine. There was a row of old-fashioned brass candlesticks standing in bright array on the kitchen mantelpiece which he greatly coveted for the purpose.

The torn, bruised and mutilated bodies of the victims are lying in a row on the floor of the planing mill which looks more like the field of Bull Run after that disasterous battle than a work shop. The majority of the bodies are nude, their clothing having been torn off.

Some idea of this difficulty may be formed from the fact that, in the course of our investigations as to the origin of the planing machine one of the most useful of modern tools we have found that it has been claimed on behalf of six inventors Fox of Derby, Roberts of Manchester, Matthew Murray of Leeds, Spring of Aberdeen, Clement and George Rennie of London; and there may be other claimants of whom we have not yet heard.